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the newmusic

Last night I caught the first segment of Muchmusic's New Music. For those that don't know, it's a weekly music show. I suppose one could say a mini docu program on different artists each week. Anyway, last night they interviewed Green Day because they are coming out with a Greatest Hits record. I wish I had the transcript to post but they had some really great stuff to say about the state of Rock'N'Roll today. They accused Creed, Staind and Nickelback of ripping off a music forumale first created by Pearl Jam. It was brilliant. They said these bands are making money off of other people's success. They also said that they are taking advantage of people's states of mind... bringing forth depressing and moody music, playing off people's emotions since September. How do you guys feel about their comments?
Now, I realize we have had plenty of 'I Hate Creed' threads, and that is not my intention with this one. I want to know your thoughts on the state of music these days- particularly North American music. Do you agree with Green Day? Thoughts, comments...

I personally agree completely with what Green Day had to say. The early nineties with the immergence of grunge/alternative rock brought a fresh and innovative aspect to rock'n'roll. Other than bands like U2, REM, Radiohead etc... not much has changed since then though. Instead, you have new bands like Creed playing off the music of the 90's, and yeah, completely ripping off artists like Pearl Jam and Sound Garden. (Remember Temple of the Dog? I think they exist today in the form of Nickelback) I realize too, that this is not a new thing in the music industry, but can you think of another period in the history of rock'n'roll when music was so bad?

Now keep in mind, I want to stress two points- 1. Rock'N'Roll (not pop, NOT N'SYNC) and 2. American rock.

... and be nice to eachother... haha

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I agree with you, girl. Save for a few original artists, rock and roll is in a serious state of distress.

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Those are the major reasons why I don't listen to "American Rock" other than Hole, No Doubt and RHCP.

But for what it's worth, Canada
gave us Nelly Furtado and Nickleback this year

I'm only asking, but I think you know.

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Old 02-12-2002, 12:30 PM   #4
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Originally posted by HelloAngel:
But for what it's worth, Canada
gave us Nelly Furtado and Nickleback this year

Precisely why I said NORTH America girlie. Canada is not excluded from the above, no sireee. Though I admitt to liking Nelly Furtado's album and well, she's Pop, so she doesn't count anyway.

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I wish I would have seen this show. I agree, but there are some American bands out there though that do not fall under the "mainstream" categories that are very good and are not ripping off earlier bands.

I am glad my little brother who is in high school, is not growing up a fan of Staind or LB though, that is for damn sure.
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