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Subterranean Homesick Blues 2003

Subterranean Homesick Blues 2003
Don't Look Back (Look Forward)

Johnny's in the basement
Downloading some Eminem
I'm down on the pavement
Wondering where the music went
The man in the trenchcoat
Says he won't play a note
Radio says it won't cough
Unless he gets paid off

Lookout out kid
We know what you did
We know when
And you'll be doing it again
You better stop burning CDs
Hide all your MP3s
The man in the record store
Old dinosaur
Want 20 dollars bills
You only got 10.

Sam Goody makes a stand
Trouble in Musicland
No more lucky seven
Wherehouse Chapter 11
It's all junk anyway
Tom Petty please hear him say
There goes the last D.J.
Who plays what he wants to play

Lookout kid
Don't matter what you did
Fill up your hard drive
Music will survive
Say goodbye to Hilary
And Hollywood distillery
Keep a blank disc
Watch the Net frisk
You don't need an MBA
To know who gets the death kiss

Mayday DataPlay
Can't seem to find a way
Don't know, hard to say
If anyone will ever pay
Napster, Gnutella
Industry rubella
Crack down, smack down
Send teenagers to the pound

Lookout kid
You're stealing their hit
And hackers, stealers
Net dealers
Get films before theaters
Guy in the cesspool
Just became the new fool
Don't cry for his need
Victim of his own greed

Bluegrass, cool jazz
Rap, soul, rock 'n' roll
Dance hall, hip-hop
Miss my old record shop
LP, cassette, 8-track
Buying cutouts from the rack
Twenty years of CDs
And now they're gonna get the sack

Lookout kid
You just flipped their lid
Rather rip, mix and burn
Than give them all that you earn
Careful upgrading
Easy on trading
Don't wanna choke the noose
On your golden goose
Your singers won't sing
'Cause they see their paychecks fading

Adapted from Bob Dylan's "Subterranean Homesick Blues" from his 1965 album Bringing it all Back Home, available in fine record stores everywhere.

Originally posted in The Daily Camera January 26, 2003 by Mike Cote

Camera Business Editor Mike Cote can be reached at (303) 473-1362 or at

C ya!


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good ol bob.
those evil natured robots
theyre programed to destroy us
she gotta be strong to fight them
so shes taking lots of vitamins
cause she knows that
it be tragic
if those evil robots win
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That's a great Bob Dylan album there. hey mr tambourine man play a song for me

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yep, how sad is that?

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I still don't know if the 'new version' is for or against file-sharing. I've read the lyrics a couple of times and I'm still not sure. In that sense it's a good Bob Dylan lyric, you never know what he means!

And yes, Bringing It All Back Home (or Subterranean Homesick Blues as it is called in some countries) is a wonderful album. Not only does it have the original Subterranean Homesick Blues and Mr. Tambourine Man, but also Maggy's Farm (covered by U2 before), Gates Of Eden and It's All Over Now, Baby Blue (and more). Easily one of Bob's best.

C ya!


clt.: REM - Drive (Live) [from Alternative NRG compilation)

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