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Originally posted by elevation2u

the first and only time i saw Saw was with a friend who also hadnt seen it
througout the movie i said outloud
"let me guess the guy on the floor is probably alive and is gonna kill them"... this was a sarcastic comment since movies in their attempt to be unpredictable become just that - predictable.


Someone who thinks like me, there were a few films which had twist endings back in the day like No Way Out, but then came The Usual Suspects, The Crying Game and of course, the elephant, The Sixth Sense. Since then filmmakers trip over themselves trying to create the twist ending. Jeez, every episode of CSI has the least likely suspect being the actual murderer which is why I gave up watching long ago. I miss the refreshing straightforward detective story where the journey to finding the guilty is more exciting than discovering who it is.

That's the problem with Hollywood today. It's so copycat and formulaic with the movies it puts out.

Saw 2 does have some of the most disturbing scenes ever in a mainstream film though, if you like that sort of thing.


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ok, ok I admit when I saw the sixth sense I really didnt expect the ending however, the usual suspects was extremely obvious who kayser soze was.especially with the watch and the lighter...i believe those are the items he gets back from the police at the end... the same items you see in the beginning of the "mystery man"..what I did not know though was where he was getting all the stuff for the story: the board.
Regardless, I liked the movie.

Disturbing can be somewhat of a guilty pleasure I suppose, I guess it depends on the context..
for example, Irreversible has one of the most distubing scenes I've ever seen, ones I rather not see again.

But I guess things like se7en are quite fascinating to watch....

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Just saw Saw II last night! Didn't think it was possible, but it was even more disturbing and grotesque than the first one. I thought it was better, too. I'm not squeemish at all and I don't scare easily, but there were parts where I wanted to close my eyes.

I must say I probably would've died if I was ever in a situation like that! The only little twist I was able to guess was the trap door under the safe. Between watching WAY too many real-life crime shows and taking criminal investigations course, I knew when that guys blood started pooling, you could see the outline of the crack in the floor. Other than that, I think I would've panicked, fainted, and died in that house.

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