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Movies I've seen this year!!

I am being very self indulgent here, but anyway..... I have been a little movie fiend this year and have seen quite a few, well more than the previous years, maybe its because I now live in a city and there is a really funky and cheap cinema just down the road from me, so heres what I have seen so far and what I have thought of them......

LOTR:tt- bloody brilliant, the battle at Helm's Deep was worth the year long wait

Bowling for Collumbine- good film,wasnt quite as 'hilarious' as I thought it would be, but still quite good. Gotta love Mike Moore, this film should be compulsory viewing in the American school system- good to make ya think!

About Schmidt- liked it, although didnt think they quite used Jack to his full potential, good feel good flick.

Gangs of New York- this is the best so far, thought this film was superb, Scorcese always delivers. Acting was great, why Leonardo gets snubbed by the academy of late always amazes me..

Ned Kelly- alright flick, storyline good of been better but good to see a bit of Aussie folklore/history on screen, Heath and Orlando were great.

Anita and Me- quirky Brit film with an Indian twist, very cool. I love these kind of Brit films, always funny, always good.

XMen2- way cool, this shits all over Matrix reloaded, how cool is Alex McGuiness at playing the bady character oh and Hugh

Matrix reloaded- very disapointed here, the movie sold out to 'Hollywood', special affects are good but the storyline and acting shouldn't suffer as a result, why o why has Keanu not given up yet??? or why does he keep getting offered jobs, it just mystifies me...

The life of David Gale- very cool film, Kevin Spacey truly is one of the best actors around, this film really has a great storyline and the twist at the end is just great, I hope this film even managed to draw attention to the stuff like this that does go on in Texas...

thats it for now....stay tuned for more updates..

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I don't go to the movies that much for I usually wait to see them when Blockbuster get the new releases. But I did see Chicago, About Schmidt, and The Pianist.

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donnie darko - excellent - tho i still dont quite get it

phone booth - bloody brill and colin farrell

sweetest thing - cha ching - what a great chick flick loved it tho its not the best movie ever but i found it absolutely fucking hilarious!!!!
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