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Morrissey - the Comeback

So how ridiculous was Morrissey's comeback? I mean that in the best way possible, of course. I'm trying not to think too much about the cash-in compilation that was just released and focus on the fact that I got the two new songs for free. Anyway, I really don't think Moz released more than 2 or 3 worthwhile songs after Vauxhall and I and didn't expect him to. Then You Are the Quarry and Ringleader of the Tormentors were among my favorite albums of '04 and '06. A stream of excellent b-sides for the singles, and Live at Earl's Court has to rank among my favorite live albums. His charisma is through the roof on this recording, and the balance of new and old songs, and five or so choice Smiths tracks make this essential listening.

I'm still trying to get my head aroudn where all this inspiration came from, but for the time being I've crafted a "Morrissey - The Comeback" mix CD to tide me over until his ninth album comes out later this year. And also, this makes a better compilation to accompany the earlier ones since it doesn't just take on a few classic songs with 10 from the '00s. I did include a number of b-sides since I'm only pulling from a few albums.

You Have Killed Me
Irish Blood, English Heart
Don't Make Fun of Daddy's Voice
My Life is an Endless Succession of People Saying Goodbye
In the Future When All's Well
A Song from under the Floorboards
All You Need is Me
I Have Forgiven Jesus
I Just Want to See the Boy Happy
That's How People Grow Up
Come Back to Camden
First of the Gang to Die
The Father Who Must Be Killed
I Like You
The Youngest Was the Most Loved
Redondo Beach (live)
Let Me Kiss You
I Knew I Was Next
Life is a Pigsty
There is a Light That Never Goes Out (live)

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Re: Morrissey - the Comeback

Originally posted by UnforgettableLemon

Don't Make Fun of Daddy's Voice

You Are The Quarry is honestly one of the best things he's ever done in my opinion. For some reason I couldn't get into Ringleader much when it came out and was actually a bit disappointed with it. Then I saw him live and ended up loving the vast majority of the songs.

I'll probably buy the two new tracks from the new best of on iTunes once it's released.

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While Southpaw Grammar was very spotty, it had some very good songs. And Malajusted had some great, great songs. Alma Matters being one of his best singles, and other standout tracks like Satan Rejected My Soul, Trouble Loves Me, Roy's Keen, Ammunition, and a really nice ballad in Wide to Receive. Now there's some filler but the album's hardly crap.

If you wanna talk comeback, that's fine because it was 7 years between Malajusted and You Are The Quarry, and he certainly came back with a vengeance. But I don't feel that he was ever releasing anything truly sup-par.
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Southpaw Grammar is my second favorite Moz album :[ BUT I AM WEIRD.

You Are the Quarry was just totally out of nowhere, really.
The b-sides from that album are great, for sure. I hope there's some good REAL b-sides form the next album, not just random live stuff.
Ringleader is hit or miss for me generally, I have to be in the right mood for it to work, but when it does work, it works fab.

I don't see it as a comeback, really, though as the dude above sez, he DID come back with a vengance... I see it more as 7 years of brooding put to wonderful use. :b

ALSO that cover of A Song From Under the Floorboards is fantastic.
You don't really hear many good Magazine covers... not encouraging anyone to try, though, cos covers of my favorite bands usually make my brain cry.
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Southpaw Grammar and Madadjusted are the two Morrissey albums I don't own and I've never been able to find them anywhere but I do plan on getting them one day.

As for You Are The Quarry it's a really great album and the b-sides are great too, I have the deluxe edition with the b-sides on it and it's awesome.

Ringleader is a little bit more mixed but that being said Life is a Pigsty, You Have Killed Me, The Youngest Was The Most Loved are all brilliant songs and there's a lot of great ones too.

Oh and Sweetie-Pie is his weirdest song ever

And on the topic of the Greatest Hits, I'm hoping All You Need Is Me is released as a single so I can get that too. I have no plans to buy the Greatest Hits at all
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