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Old 08-11-2006, 06:14 PM   #76
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It was a very emotional experience for me. Extremely emotional.

Very well done Oliver Stone. Talk about an impossible subject to make a respectful and respectable movie about, but I thought he did. Sure it's a completely different movie than United 93, but it's a different story. We do need to remember the good. We need to remind ourselves of that day but still remember the good.

My main complaint would be the Marine character-stereotypical and a bit of politics thrown in that was unnecessary in my opinion. I think just allowing the viewer to have his/her own thoughts is enough. But he did accomplish that in the rest of the movie. The Jesus part was a bit over the top too, but if he experienced that there's absolutely nothing wrong with showing it.

The script was based upon what they really did say to each other, so it is not overdramatized in that respect. I thought the officers were portrayed as they really were, not as superheroes. They were afraid, they were emotional, they were imperfect. They loved their wives and families, but had regrets about their relationships as they thought about dying.

It certainly did make me appreciate even more what those people - Port Authority, NYPD, and NYFD did that day and do every day. I am in awe of that and of them.

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wow, i still cant beleive iv got to wait till the end of SEPTEMBER to see it!

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E Online

Business for Oliver Stone's World Trade Center was off nearly 25 percent Thursday from its Wednesday opening.

But box-office analysts said the drop was normal--and not a sign that news of the alleged London terror plot had put a hurt into the movie about the 9-11 terror attacks.'s Brandon Gray said he thought the movie will finish its first weekend Sunday grossing somewhere between "the high teens to the mid-20s."

"Which is very good for the type of movie it is," Gray said Friday.

The type of movie World Trade Center is is the first major studio film about the Sept. 11, 2001, toppling of New York's Twin Towers, an event that claimed 2,752 lives.

"This is not escapist entertainment" Paul Dergarabedian of the box-office tracking firm Exhibitor Relations said Friday. "It's not like people were going to go this to have a grand-old time at the movies."

That said, World Trade Center is being sold as the inspirational story of two New York Port Authority officers, played by Nicolas Cage and Michael Pena, who lived where so many died. If not quite a feel-good movie, then it's a try-to-feel-a-little-better movie. Would Thursday's headlines about a thwarted attack involving airplanes, liquid explosives and a network of terrorists ruin the vibe?

The numbers show ticket sales fell Wednesday to Thursday, from $4.5 million to $3.3 million. The 24.9 percent drop-off was the biggest for any film in the Top 10, per the stats at But both Gray and Dergarabedian said Wednesday's business was inflated because it was opening-day business--the Thursday decline, in their opinions, was all but assured.

All told, World Trade Center combined to take in $7.8 million in its first two days. If its Friday-Sunday gross amounts to even $14 million, it'll represent the biggest opening weekend in Stone's career.

No matter what the film ends up doing, Dergarabedian said, World Trade Center will be sacked by "Monday morning quarterbacking." The main question: "Was it affected by Heathrow [the London plot]?"

The answer may be revealed in degrees, not mega-millions. Though not a small movie--World Trade Center cost a reported $63 million to make, and another $35 million to market--it's not expected to be a blockbuster, either.

"It's expected to be a solid drama," Gray said. "Probably along the lines of Ladder 49."

Ladder 49, a drama about firefighters starring John Travolta and Joaquin Phoenix, made $74.5 million in 2004.

The other movie that invites comparisons to World Trade Center is United 93, the first Hollywood feature about the hijacked 9-11 flight that crashed in a field in Pennsylvania killing all on board, passengers and terrorists alike.

"People were not expecting that movie to really not do well," Dergarabedian said.

Ultimately, the $15 million movie, released in April, ended up grossing $31.5 million--minus stars and a happy ending.

Dergarabedian is of the opinion that World Trade Center will be helped, not hurt, by the latest bad-news headlines. "It just makes the movie more relevant," he said. "And I think it'll resonate with audiences."

On Thursday, Paramount Pictures, the studio behind World Trade Center, considered, but did not, pull back on advertising, the Associated Press reported. On Friday, the film moved onto another 100 or so screens, bringing its weekend total to just under 3,000, according to
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Go. See. This. Movie. Now.

I believe every person that can remember the horror of that day should sit through this movie to witness a story no one knew. Two men-so near death so many times-come out alive. The way this story is told is magnificant. In no way would you think it was an Oliver Stone movie if you didn't know beforehand he was the director. It is a story about hope and triumph as well as tragidy and despair.

I also feel everyone that has forgotten the horror of that day just a little bit go see the movie so that rawness and horror come to the surface again. Movies like this NEED to be made so we do not become numb and "forget".

Go see it.
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thanks for the review, i cant wait till septembe 29th thought, way too long, and there aint any decent copies uploaded yet, just crappy WINRAW files, GRR!
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I can't watch a movie on 9/ would probably move me too much.

Eventually, I'll have to check it out, heard good things, but not right now.

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