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Is it constricting to keep making action films?


I don't think so. Actually, at one point, I did think that because I felt there was no way a writer could come up with something new. But that simply is not true. Thank God for writers. They always keep coming up with new ideas. For a while, we did get stuck in the Die Hard mode, and we needed something to break us out of that. Speed did that. You can't have a movie that only deals with special effects. You have to have a story that you as an audience want to spend two hours with. Do I really want to pay $10 to see her or him? It better be exciting. Once in a while, you have to mix it all up again and start fresh.

Everyone thought it was really stupid to put Keanu in an action movie. Everybody was shocked. I got to know him, and I thought it was ideal. I wanted my hero to be vulnerable, not the Bruce Willis of action movies. I didn't want him to be like Mel Gibson. I wanted a cop that accidentally got into a situation, as well. The extreme circumstances changed him. He's a very vulnerable guy, a very vulnerable person. And I really love him because if you connect with him, he really opens up to you. And I also had to teach him how to enjoy action films, because when we started, he said he hated action movies. I taught him how fun it was. And that really helped him a lot and got him involved. That made him unique.

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I quite like action films. I like a good, intellectual "art" film as much as the next guy, but sometimes you need to kick back and watch something with guns and car chases and stuff. I love the Taxi series, even if it's got lame dialogue and the same plot recycled over and over - it's fun, at least, and that's good enough for me. For me, as long as an action film is fun, then it's good.

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I think action films go through phases. It had kind of hit a rut, but then the Matrix redefined the genre. (And no, I'm not one of those Matrix obsessive psychos.) And the comic book films re-emerged.

Action films will never go away, they are too much a guilty pleasure.
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