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Oh and Rat Race


Orange County

"You do not go college to rock. You do not go college to roll."-Jack Black

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i lovve comedies!

my fave comedies in no particular order:

Tommy boy .... i got the cd, will soon get the DVD as i'm replacing my vhs movies with DVD's

the following speeches from the movie are on the cd:

Tommy: Did you hear i finally graduated?
Richard: yea just a shade under a decade too alright.
Tommy: you know a lot of people go to college for seven years
Richard: i know, they're called doctorates.

Tommy: (talking thru fan) La la lo la la look looook i'm your faather.
Richard: ahh i've been interrupting happy time.
Tommy: nah that was from star wars.

Tommy: ahh.
Richard: you ready?
Tommy: yeah i'm ready, sorry. hey does this suit make me look fat?
Richard: no no no, your face does.

Richard: "Lets say the average person uses 10% of their bran, how much do you use? 1 1/2%. The rest is clogged with Moped hops and bong resin."

Tommy: (has on richards way too small coat, waving back an foorth )"Fat guy in a little coat, fat guy in a little coat"
Richard: Take it off duquet, i'm serious.
Tommy: Richard! whats happening? (bends own an rips ccoat). Uh ohh.

Tommy: "Richard were you watching Spanktavision?
Richard: ok, then lets hit it.
Tommy: maybe were you watching a movie with that funny comedian, oh whats his name? Buddy Whackit?
Richard: alright, then lets get some showtime. hey thats a pretty girl down there, good for her. gee i wonder if she goes out with one of the yankees."

Tommy: Let me tell you why I suck as a salesman. Lets say i go into some guys office. Lets say he's either remotely interested in buying something. Well then i go excited, i'm jo-jo the Indian circus boy with a pretty new pet. the pet is my possible sale. oh my pretty little pet. I love you. So i stroke it, then i pet it, then i mathage it,. hehe. i love it. I love my little naughty pet, you're naughty. hehe. i take my naughty pet an i go (rips bagel apart). OHHHHHH, I killed it. I killed my sale!

Richard: (knock on door, talking in asian voice) Housekeeping.
Tommy: no thank you, i'm sleeping
Richard: housekeeping, you want towels?
Tommy: no towels, need sleepy.
Richard: housekeeping, you want a pillow.
Tommy: please go AWAY and let me sleep for the love of god!
Richard: housekeeping, what me to come an get you off?
Tommy: What kinda hoop town is this? (walks to open door). oh its you.
Richard: good morning sunshine

Dumb and dumber
Black sheep
Planes, trains, and automobiles
The jerk
Nutty Professor 1 and 2
Me, myself, and Irene
The burbs
The money pit
The big Lebowski
The great outdoors
American pie 1 and 2
Mr Bean
Leathal weapon 4, fukin hilarious!
First Austin Powers (Goldmember, when it comes out on video/dvd)
Waynes World 1 and 2
Mrs. Doubtfire
National lampoons vacation, european vacation, christmas vacation.
Vegas Vacation
Funny Farm


Home Alone 1 and 2
Road trip
Very bad things
Beavis and butthead do america
Robin Hood men in tights
There's something about mary
A Christmas Story
Sixteen Candles
The breakfast club
Last action hero
Kindergarden cop
Turner & hooch
Jingle all the way
Dr. Dolittle
Trading places
The out of towners
Howard the duck
Three amigo's
City Slickers 1 and 2
What about bob?
48 hrs/Another 48 hours
Coming to america
Weekend at bernies 1 and 2
Beverly hills cop 1, 2, 3

thats all i can think of for now.

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Big Lebowski
Raising Arizona
Noises Off

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