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Old 06-29-2002, 01:17 PM   #1
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Doctorwho, i think i saw your show tonight!!!

I'm sitting at home, watching BBC Prime, and all of a sudden there's the annoucement that "Top of the pops will follow in an hour and meanwhile doctor who".

So it hits me and i think "heyyyy, is that the show doctorwho was talking about?" and (i don't know why) i'm laughing throughout the opening credits LOL. It's this sci-fi show with old 80's special effects which of course look rediciolous now.

The main character did travel in time and he had people helping him, a female character Ace and a guy called Kingpin (i think).
The story was bizzare, he was in this freaky circus (with only 3 people in the audience) with robot clowns and this hunter was after him, and the hunter sort of hypnotised one of the characters that turned out to be on doctorwho's side later, and he jumped in this passage and landed into some futuristic Colloseum and he had to entertain 3 "gods". The characters on his side got rid of the clowns back at the circus, the Colloseum was in ruins as the good characters found this magic necklace and tossed it into this abbys.

(i know - it didn't make a whole lot of sense to me either)

I have to say: there wasn't even a word about the tardis ... but most likely this is the show you were talking about, when you explained where you got your username, right?

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I still like red dwarf better.

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Well, I'm really into The Avengers at the moment - esp the Emma Peel shows - shes one cool lady (and so's Diana Rigg too). Could really kick ass. Girl power! lol

I do like Dr Who though! Have several books and videos. Rather fond of the 8th Doctor (Mr Paul McGann) - really quite yummy. Far better in book form though - the film was a bit naff.

The Tardis is the blue police box, it's a time machine - errr... Time And Relative Dimentions In Space...

or something like that!!??

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About time ya saw the show.

My favorite is the 4th Doctor. IMO, the 6th Doctor destroyed the show (very bad actor).

I don't watch it that often (not on), but I still have books and toys and videotapes.
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