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Can someone please explain this to me???

So... I am being a good girl and am cleaning my aprt. I went down to my storage locker to put away my sleeping bag and backpack. When I opened the door I notice right away that the weight of my cooler had caused my tower to collapse. My storage locker is about the width of a narrow door and the heighth of say 10 feet. Ok, so I grab the cooler and I rearrange things. Then I go back to grab the cooler and I suddenly realize there is liquid inside creating a heavy weight... Ok... Odd. My first reaction is that one of my ice packs melted or whatever you call them. Those things you freeze and put in coolers.... Stranger even, is the fact that the water is totally brown yet odourless. Hmmm. So I grab the cooler and I take it to the laundry room where I proceed to clean it out. This is when I realize that there is actually nothing wrong with the ice packs and that the cooler is 1/4 full of gross brown water. I just don't get it. The last time I used the cooler was last June. We are talking June of 2001!!! I have sinced cleaned out my locker and rearranged. Would one not realize then that the cooler had water in it? The only thing I can think of is that I was so truly hung over, I put the cooler away with ice in it. The ice melted and voila... dirty brown water a year later. But!! That doesn't even make any sense... because I am super anal Monica Gellar girl and would never put away a dirty cooler.
So I think, oh my god... someone broke into my locker and filled my cooler up with dirty water. I know it's a stretch... seeing as though nothing has been stolen and my locker is locked with a combination lock.

I have officially entered the Twilight Zone..............

Can someone explain this better???

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Normal step away from the crack pipe


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My psychic powers tell me that there is a general leak in your storage area. Even though it seems difficult, the leak from a pipe or roof slowly dripped into your locker (and most likely a few others). You just happened to have a nice big container to collect the leak. This was dirty water (as most leaks are), which is why it was brown.

Of course, only you know how truly inebriated you were over a year ago... Perhaps you did have some dirty water there and really just didn't notice. Do you recall moving this cooler at any other time during the past year? If so, and it was empty then, my guess is a leak. Take a good look around your locker area and see if there is any rust (most likely the brown color is just rust) on the lockers or surrounding areas.
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