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That was part of the entire discussion that Trevster initially referred to - gender differences in television viewing habits, that women want men to watch their shows, but that men really don't care if women watch their shows or not. I'm just pointing out that I can understand the male's more relaxed attitudes more easily than the female's. I still don't get why on earth you would subject your partner to something they're not likely to enjoy.

Mrs. Springsteen, I don't think it's much of a logical leap to make after you've used the words:

You don't like it and might even hate it but you will make a "sacrifice" anyway and watch it.
I'm sorry, maybe that seems perfectly reasonable to you, but it befuddles me. You consider it a sacrifice, a sign that the relationship's in good shape, if someone sits through something they don't like, or even hate, for you? I just can't imagine wanting anyone to do that. I would hope we would have enough programs in common that it wouldn't come down to one of us sitting through something, hating it, for the sake of their partner.

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Well people hate doing housework and putting out the trash, but someone's got to do it It's part of partnership give and take in a relationship. It can't be all take and no give, that's where the big "sacrifice" of watching a show once in a while comes in. I hardly think it's giving up your identity or individuality to do so. If someone refuses to show interest once in a while in things I'm interested in that they aren't crazy about, well for me personally that's not much of a relationship. And it has to go both ways in that way and be mutual.

That's all, I think it's a waste of time to sit here and "argue" about something like this. I explained what I mean.

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Me and my husband have watched alot of different shows together and when we get movies in the mail from netflix 99% of the time I'm the one that picks them out but I will try to pick out some that he will like and some that I will like. We've watched sex and the city and desperate housewives alot together and used to watch soap operas together for years when we were first married and he cared more about them than I did but we gave up soap operas a long time ago, thank goodness. Being married for 24 years now there would have to be give and take and compromise and if he's watching something I don't want to watch then I'll do something else. He watches alot of baseball football, boxing and nascar sometimes but that is fine with me, I like watching it with him.

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