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1. We were penalized in 1995 for violations committed within the football program, and hit with the feared "lack of instituional control" charge. We lost numerous scholarships and 1 year of bowl eligibility.

2. In 1999, an assistant basketball coach violated University and NCAA policy, and independently went to a group of boosters seeking money to pay a recruit to come to U of A. The boosters reported the coach's rogue act to the University, who in turn self-reported the act to the NCAA who commended the University's handling of the situation and extended our probation (even though it was a different sport). The assistant coach was suspended without pay. No change of money took place between the boosters, the coach, or the recruit.

3. Over the past year and a half, the NCAA has been probing Alabama's football recruiting success during the era of former coach Mike Dubose, including suspicious activity involving 2 or 3 assistant coaches and 3 boosters. NOTHING has been proven beyond any type of reasonable doubt; much of the evidence is hearsay from bitter high school coaches and former players and testimony from someone who is repeatedly referred to, anonymously, as "the witness." In all honesty, we probably should have gotten a penalty for "something;" I will admit that.

Last Friday, the NCAA committee held a press conference and issued a statement regarding their findings. They REPEATEDLY commended the University of Alabama as an institution and its respective handling of the basketball situation (1999) and the recent football situation. Instead, they said that all of the wrongful acts were the actions of a few rogue boosters; they did not even name the assistant football coaches in their findings.

WHY, then, do they prohibit the ENTIRE football program from TWO YEARS of post-season play AND after that impose strict scholarship limits, practically shutting down any football hope for 5 years? This CLEARLY strikes at the entire institution as opposed to the unlawful combatant rogue boosters WHO DID NOT EVEN ATTEND THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA! The NCAA's whole reasoning is because we were back TWICE as a repeat offender.

We have an entirely new coaching staff, a new Athletic Director, and NONE of the allegeldy illegally recruited players are on our team.

The classless "death penalty" comments dripping from Yeager's blood-thirsty chops make me think one thing: We should NOT have done "the right thing" and self-reported the basketball recruiting violation which never even materialized; all of the parties involved were within the U of A family, and it never would have gotten out. But since we DID report it, it made us a "repeat offender." Had we not reported it, our 5 year probation from 1995 would have expired by the time the recent football shenanigans came to light, and Yeager could not have screwed us with the "repeat offender" tag.

Thank you, and ROLL TIDE.

At least our basketball team is #5.


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