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Big Grin American Idol 6 - Part 3

Let the fun continue!


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Chris S should have sang "Roxanne"...

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Sajanya must be done away with already. 'Nuff said
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Maybe Sanjaya will become Idol and Simon will quit. That will be interesting.
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Originally posted by Zootlesque
Maybe Sanjaya will become Idol and Simon will quit. That will be interesting.
Actually, I heard it being mentioned on TV today that if Sanjaya would win, Simon WOULD quit.
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If Sanjaya wins the whole thing it will surely be the end of American Idol.
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Simon can say he'll quit until he's blue in the face, but as long as Fox coughs up $$$$$, he'll stick around.
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Originally posted by corianderstem
Simon can say he'll quit until he's blue in the face, but as long as Fox coughs up $$$$$, he'll stick around.
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Originally posted by Zootlesque
Maybe Sanjaya will become Idol and Simon will quit. That will be interesting.


Sanjaya, go home, now!
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Sanjaya lol I must admit I only watch AI to see what kind of crazy ass hair-do he will sport next. hahaha

Was it me or did Gwen sounded HORRIBLE? I swear she cannot sing and singing live ... aye, she sounds worst!!!
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The Greenville News

Published: Friday, March 30, 2007

By Eric Connor

Sure, he made the famous quip that he wanted to make David Hasselhoff cry, but Greenville's own Chris Sligh says he never really wanted to win "American Idol" -- and, in fact, even considered quitting two weeks before television viewers sent him packing.

"I never came into this wanting to win it," Sligh said Thursday in a telephone interview, a day after being voted off and finishing tenth in the wildly popular singing competition. "I made the Top Ten. That was my goal."

Two weeks ago, after scathing criticism for his re-arrangement of Diana Ross' classic ballad "Endless Love," the 28-year-old Bob Jones and North Greenville universities alum began to question whether his roots in indie, alternative pop-rock fit with the blueprint of "American Idol."

"When I was pretty much universally trashed for my arrangement of 'Endless Love,' I kind of thought, 'You know? This isn't really the competition for me,'" Sligh said. "Actually, I almost dropped out that week.

He was told, however, that if he dropped out he wouldn't be allowed to participate in an "American Idol" summer tour that features the contestants who make it to the final 10 and carries with it a sizeable payout.

"I wanted to make the tour," he said. "I wanted to be able to make music for my living, so I don't have to work at the marketing company that I was working at. It doesn't matter who is going to place ahead of me. What matters is the fact that I reached the goal that I really wanted to make."

The tour is on the horizon for the contestant known for his big voice, big body and big hair-do. So is an appearance on the show's finale May 24 (where he hopes to show up even slimmer than the 30 pounds he lost during the course of the season).

But for now, Sligh says he simply wants to come home to Greenville and Seacoast Church, rest up for a couple of weeks and take a much-needed vacation with his wife.

"I definitely am looking forward to getting back home and kind of having a normal life for a few weeks," Sligh said. "I probably will not be home a ton. Obviously, I've got the tour coming up this summer."

Throughout his "Idol" journey, Sligh has said he sees himself as more of a band musician. Now that his journey is over, he said the band he left behind, Half Past Forever, will reform. With the exposure of the competition, he said, "Doors should open."

Sligh spoke frankly about his time on "Idol" during the course of the 45-minute interview -- everything from judges to Bob Jones to hate mail, as well as his $50 bet, changes he would make to the show, keeping his musical integrity and, of course, the mystery of how Sanjaya Malakar has lasted this long. "You owe me $50"Sligh said he knew his days were numbered when judges Randy Jackson, Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell panned his performance Tuesday of The Police's "Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic," citing problems with being out of tempo with the song.

Before Wednesday's results show, Sligh said he bet fellow "Idol" contesant Phil Stacy $50 that it would be himself who was to be eliminated (Stacy and contestant Haley Scarnato were announced as two of the bottom three vote-getters along with Sligh).

"I just had this feeling in my heart that I was going home," Sligh said.

"I told Phil that I was going home, and he was like, 'No way, there's no way you're going home before me.'"

After the results, Sligh reprised "Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic" for the customary farewell performance. As he sang, he hugged the remaining contestants and interrupted the song to tell Stacy, "You owe me 50 bucks."

Sligh said he didn't realize the show -- which had run several minutes past its 30-minute time slot -- was still on the air and that his comment would be heard by millions watching at home.

The week before, eliminated contestant Stephanie Edwards' performance was cut off because of time constraints. Bob JonesSligh attended Bob Jones University, but the son of overseas missionaries generally chooses to stay mum about his association --or disassociation -- with the school known for its ultra-conservative theology.

Last week, BJU spokesman Jonathan Pait publicly expressed "disappointment" in the direction Sligh had taken with his musical training and his participation on "American Idol."

Sligh said he has no hard feelings, even though he was expelled from Bob Jones after attending a contemporary Christian concert featuring the group For Him.

"They kicked me out," Sligh said. "It was actually good, because I had been trying to figure out how to leave. My parents had given me the option of going to two colleges, and I chose the less-crazy one, believe it or not."

Sligh's history with Bob Jones followed him throughout the competition.

"I specifically kept my comments about Bob Jones to myself, just for personal reasons," Sligh said.

"I don't want to throw them underneath the bus. I respect what they do -- it's just that their sect of Christianity is not really what I want to be associated with."

After leaving Bob Jones, Sligh attended North Greenville University. He's three credits shy of a music degree. The judgesSligh said he didn't feel like he always got a fair assessment from the judges. And, he said, they always seemed to be a little bit harder on him.

Before picking "Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic," Sligh said he had thought about singing Supertramp's "Give A Little Bit."

But he thought The Police would better suit him, and he was willing to go with the song a day later than usual.

Sligh said he watched his performance of "Every Little Thing" on Youtube about 10 or 15 times. He said he liked to review his performances to critique himself so that he wouldn't be "one of those arrogant jerks who think they're always right."

Sligh admitted it wasn't a strong performance but said he didn't think he deserved the severity of criticism he received -- particularly from Cowell, who called the performance "a mess."

"It wasn't a great performance," Sligh said, "but, honestly, it was not as bad as what the judges made it seem. As soon as they gave me the spanking they did, I kind of knew that I was going home.

"It can be political, but at the same time, it's a TV show, and you understand that, so I wasn't surprised at being voted off at all."

Before theme weeks narrowed song choices, Sligh said he tried to pick songs that were more "risky" and akin to his band roots with Half Past Forever.

He said the judges never gave him credit for degree of difficulty and commented more on the choice and arrangement of songs instead of the quality of his voice.

He said the judges were "really great with about 99 percent" of other music styles but couldn't grasp what he was offering.

"I think the judges had a hard time understanding it," Sligh said. "It's like they didn't really understand where I was coming from. They never commented on my voice, which I think was a bit frustrating for me."

Sligh said he valued the criticism of Cowell the most, although he said Cowell had a tendency to be "outrageous" and that he seemed the hardest on him.

One of the more-talked-about exchanges happened between Sligh and Cowell earlier in the season, when, after pointed criticism of his performance, Sligh needled Cowell about his association with the release of "A Teletubbies Christmas."

After the exchange, Sligh said he received hate mail from "Idol" viewers who didn't appreciate the comments.

Sligh said he held back on the dry humor for a couple of weeks because of the hate mail. "Some people said they wished I would die," Sligh said. "When I got the hate mail I went, 'Whoa, what the crap?' It was just horrible, horrible things people wrote to me."

Still, after his elimination, Sligh said Cowell came up to him and encouraged him to regain the "sparkle" he had lost.

And Sligh said he realizes Cowell says things the way he says them because "he wants TV ratings." Tough choicesSligh said he began to worry that he was going to sacrifice what defined him as a musician if he continued on the show.

"In order to win this competition, I would have had to make song choices that I really didn't want to make," he said, pointing out that he had picked out another song that would have gone over better with the judges but that he wouldn't have felt comfortable performing.

Winning, he said, wasn't as important as staying true to his music.

All told, he sang six songs -- all but three were ones he chose for himself (though he said he was discouraged from performing music he had written and composed).

He said he made the song choices for "me and nobody else."

"I think that's what I'm going out with is that I gave my very best for every song I did," he said.

"I feel like I could've and probably should've done better, but at the same time it is an honor." The best of the restSligh said he values all of the friendships he made while on the show and that he has "tons of mad respect for the rest of the competition."

He said this year's group has gotten mixed reviews compared to past seasons because "no one is a shoo-in to win."

He said he would put this season's contestants up against any others from past seasons.

Sligh got into a little bit of hot water recently for saying "Hi, Dave" at the conclusion of one of his performances, a reference to the leader of, a Web site that picks what it considers the worst contestant and lobbies votes for that contestant.

The much-maligned teenager Sanjay Malakar is the Vote For The Worst's pick -- but Sligh said that Malakar gets a lot of undue criticism, whether it's for his vocals or his radical hairstyle changes.

"I think that people underestimate Sanjaya," Sligh said. "I think Sanjaya is a good vocalist. I think he gets kind of a bum rap. He's a very, very sweet kid. I do not envy his position at all."

Sligh said the competition could be improved if the show would let performers pick their own songs and play their own instruments on stage.

He also said contestants should be allowed to blog during the season to give fans an inside view.

At the end of it all, Sligh said he is satisfied with his "Idol" odyssey.

"This is the most exposure that I could have ever imagined," he said.

"I tried out on a whim for 'American Idol' back six months ago, seven months ago, and here I am No. 10 out of 100 and something thousand people that tried out. That's an amazing, amazing accomplishment that I feel I should be very, very proud of. I'm looking forward to seeing what doors open up from here on out."
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I think Sanjay is like Scott was in 2005. He's a joke but people keep voting for them because they know it's pissing people off. Remember that site 'vote for the worst?' As long as everyone keeps bitching about him still being there, he'll stay. I bet there are hundreds of people voting for him multiple times and laughing!

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i think voting for Sanjaya might be the best thing for us all.
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I never thought Scott was the worst. He was creepy in a major way, but had a really nice voice.
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