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Hur Hur.

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She wore graaaapes
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Forum Moderator
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Har De Har Har.
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Rock n' Roll Doggie
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hehehehehehehehehehehehe ahahahahahahahahahaha

i'll laugh until my head comes off

I wanna dance, dance, dance in the dirty rain....where the streets have no name...
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The Fly
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~whortense wiffin
walla walla, washington
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I'm a chauvinist leprechaun
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Hah.. yo.. I think Just a few days ago, someone actually Wrote 'Hee-Hee' in the 'Free Your Mind Forum'.. . Now we all know that that behemoth of a forum should have no jokes, no one smiling, it's a serious place.. It's a Guaranteed pole up the ass if you go in there....

A Tee Hee Hee Hater Sympathizer.

~A Walking Bottle of Drambuie
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An Angel In Devil's Shoes
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Sicy hates horizontal scroll.

Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.
-Albert Einstein

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The Fly
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Damn Ava! Now I have "Muzzle" stuck in my head and I haven't even heard it in like a year! (Oh well, it IS one of my fave songs off that album ) do I convey a laugh?
I know! "LAUGHTER"

I had the loudest mouth. When we formed the group, I was the lead guitar player, singer and songwriter. Nobody talked back at first. But then they talked me out of being lead guitar player and into being the rythm guitar player and into just being the singer. And then they tried to talk me out of being the singer and into being the manager. But I held on to that. Arrogance may have been the reason. - Bono

As a vehicle it has its limitations: it probably wouldn't get you to work and back. But it could make someone a fantastic cocktail bar. - Edge on the lemon
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h o l y d u n c s p a c e j u n k
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Roughly one half hour left.......

Let me tell you he wont be hee hee ing and hahaing.

loll lol lmao!!! hhahah heee tee hhaha haa!
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The tehees
arouse my IRE..and also the lols..

I challenge any Mod here to see if I every posted those gay little sayings..

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h o l y d u n c s p a c e j u n k
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Maybe not but you've posted plenty of other quote "gay" sayings to more than make up for it.
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Rock n' Roll Doggie
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HEY! I'm just getting used to obtaining somekind of social life on the Net AND grappling with this thing called Internet etiquette... Takes a lot outta me to get outta my shell...

Don't make me go back to the institution again! I willl NOT take my meds.

Whew.. there, that being said...

"Arghahahaha, oh yeah, arhagargargrwlmao" *imitating Tim Allen*
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Blue Crack Addict
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Wow were spot on with you prediction of when Salome was gonna move this thread...what's tonight's lottery number gonna be?
ho ho ho
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h o l y d u n c s p a c e j u n k
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Salome is very predictable.

The lottery numbers are..

21 3 13 7 42 36
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Originally posted by Zoomerang96:
blarg is rediculous

OK, as the creator of "BLARG" I am going to have to threaten you now Bear. Now I know this will be hard for some to belive, but there was once a magical land outside of interference, of which I was a part. Now in this magic world my friends and I while "ill flamipin on the hootie mack" (if you will) began to say blarg when we were frustrated about things or pissed off. We also say Flarg (which means fucking blarg) when we are really unhappy about something. I said this all the time, Calluna thought it was funny and she began to use it.
So to answer the rhetorical question: I say blarg all the damn time out loud, as do a portion of ill flampers at Loyola Chicago. So nuts to you bear.

Keepin it krunk...

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