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Out of Control pt 10.1

I have jumped a few years to move the story on, and also to establish Bono a bit more mature, worldly wise and confident now they are becoming rich and famous, so when he next encounters Angie, it could make it a wee bit more interesting of course all of this is not true just my mad imagination had to half this chapter also cos it is turning out longer than I thought


Looking back on it now with a new understanding Bono felt himself go cold inside thinking about how he and his father were instrumental in sending Angie literally into the lions den when they returned her to her home.

Sometimes you learned the hard way… even from well meaning intentions. But they had not known what was going on behind the closed doors and veiled curtain of respect in the O’Neill household.

In fact he might have never known or guessed what was going on with Angie if fate had not brought them back together again just over three years later unexpectedly.

After Angie’s disappearance, Bono had attempted to find her, searching for her in her old haunts including the squat, but no one had seen or heard from her.

Bono finally conceded this time Angie had fled further, where no one was going to bring her back home. With her father’s three hundred pound in her pocket she could have gone anywhere.

It became a case of out of sight out of mind as time passed, especially now the band where getting a shift up the ladder of fame and fortune,

Finding a manager and a record company, Bono had other things to concentrate on, they had finally hit the big time, and over the next few years worked hard to establish themselves, they were rewarded with a growing crowd of fans and popularity, and their third single getting into the top ten in Ireland and the UK, the critics were praising their forthcoming album and they had their first big UK tour, playing major venues in England Scotland and Wales

They had just finished their gig in Manchester and decided to go out to unwind and celebrate the success in one of the local bars Bono was in a boisterous mood after the high of the gig… and looking for some excitement, he ended up getting more than he bargained for…….


“Right who is buying the first round of drinks?” Bono demanded
“You are” Edge retorted, seeing you made us come in here, instead of that nice hotel bar where we are staying”

“Oh C’mon, those hotel bars are boring, this place has atmosphere” Bono pointed out, “This is a real traditional English working mans pub, where the action is”

“It depends what sort of action you are looking for” Adam replied glancing around the overcrowded room thick in cigarette smoke and noisy chatter drowning out the sound of the jukebox in the corner somewhere

“Makes me feel like I am back in bloody Dublin again at my local… only it’s even more run down” Larry remarked

“Will you guys quit whining,” Bono told them, “Look I will buy the first round of drinks we don’t have to stay here all night, we can go to the hotel bar later” He motioned with a wave of his hand, getting the attention one of the waitresses to come over to their table just as she was coming out from behind the bar.

“Oh well I guess we can stick it for the first round seeing you are buying” Adam grinned as he watched Bono reaching into his wallet.

“Well feck me if it isn’t yerselves!” The Irish female voice exclaimed making the whole four of them look in the direction of the waitress who had just come over to the table

At first Bono assumed it was just one of their growing numbers of fans that had recognised them, and turned to give her a one of his beguiling smiles, ready to maybe sign an autograph, something he had been doing a lot lately.

But staring into her face he blinked in disbelief, the mop of bright blonde backcombed hair had thrown him a bit, but he knew those brown eyes heavily lined in black kohl pencil anywhere, even after all this time


She let out a whoop of surprised laughter, “And there was me thinking I would never get the chance to set eyes on the lot of you again, now you are getting famous, what are you doing in a place like this, don’t they pay you enough in the rock ’n roll business any more?”

“Bono wanted to sample a traditional working mans pub” Adam replied, “and dragged us all in here to soak up the atmosphere”

“Well he came to the right place” Angie grinned dryly.

Edge now nudged Bono, eyeing him suspiciously “Did you know she worked here? Is that why you insisted we come in here for a drink?” he demanded in a low voice.

“Don’t talk shite Edge, how would I know she would be working here? I haven’t seen her in years” Bono pointed out scornfully, “It’s just a co incidence”

“Nice to know you are pleased to see me,” Angie drawled tauntingly looking in Edge’s direction sensing she was the cause of his sudden scowl

“Yeah it’s good to see you turn up, like the proverbial bad penny” Edge retorted back and received a sharp kick in the shin from Bono under the table, making him wince and glare at his friend

“Maybe I should have someone else serve you” Angie suggested abruptly and was about to walk away

“Don’t be daft Angie” Bono exclaimed, “Just ignore Edge, he didn’t mean no harm, I think we can let bygones be bygones after all these years eh?”

Bono turned to stare at Edge meaningfully, “After all we are not kids anymore, so we can be civil with one another”

Edge just shrugged “Guess so” he reluctantly admitted followed by a grudging apology for his remark

“So this is where you ended up eh?” Bono turned to address Angie, now getting over the shock of seeing her, and eager to find out how she was

“Yeah eventually” Angie replied “working here night’s supports me enough to get me through my art and design course at the college here,” she informed him

“You are at college?” Bono’s eyes widened in surprised pleasure “Well that’s good to hear, you are doing well for yourself”

“Yeah I am almost respectable” Angie retorted shooting a glance in Edge’s direction
“Despite the fact everyone thought I would never get out of the gutter”

Edge just played with the beer mat on his table refusing to look at her.

“But never mind me, I know you guys have been doing great, I even went out and bought your record the other week” Angie grinned “I have to say you improved a lot from those old days in the rec hall”

“Yeah we just finished a gig here tonight it went really well, we are onto bigger and better things” Bono smiled

“Good, about time us Irish lifted ourselves out of the bog lands and made our mark” Angie replied
“But I had better take your order, now I am run of my feet tonight and the owner will start yapping if I stand talking to the customers too long” she told them

“Ok” Bono replied, “the last thing we want to do is get you sacked from your job, tell you what, when you are taking our order have a drink yourself on me, for old friendships sake” he winked.

“Now there is an offer I won’t refuse” Angie replied, then smiled, “I still trying to take it in you are all sitting here, I really thought I would never set eyes on any of you again, funny the way things turn out?”

“Yeah hilarious” Larry drawled feeling almost as pleased as Edge seeing Angie again, but decided not to make any remark in case he received a kick in the shins also.

“Well would you have ever thought it” Bono sat back in his chair after Angie had hurriedly took their drink order and went back over to the bar counter “She was the last person I thought I would see again”

“I was hoping we had seen the last of her to be honest” Edge replied.

“Aw C’mon Edge give the girl a break” Bono frowned at him, “That was in the past, she might have changed now y’know, you heard her, she works here to support herself in college, sounds like she is trying to get on” he pointed out.

“I guess so” Edge sighed “Look I am sorry Bono, its just I remember how you tried to help her the last time and how she shit on you and the trouble she caused, but if you have got over it I guess I can” he relented

“Yeah we can tolerate her for your sake,” Larry then said “Just don’t expect us all to be best buddies”

“Well after tonight it’s unlikely we will see her around again” Adam then pointed out, “We are of to Glasgow tomorrow”

“True” Bono agreed, “So what harm can it do for us to act civil to her for one night, like Adam said we will probably never set eyes on her again, right?”

“Yeah I guess so” Edge nodded “After all what trouble could she cause inside one night?” But even as he said it he still looked doubtful.

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aw they're all grown up!
it's great how angie grew up and is going to college now

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Oh, this is gonna get interesting...

More soon!
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