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Originally posted by beli
Thank you drealynn42 for taking the time to expand on your views. I appreciate it.

I dont understand how you can group all these different nationalities (various Europeans, Middle Eastern People, people from the USA, and a few odd ones sprinkled over the rest of the planet) together into one single ethnicity.
This must be where the confusion is stemming from. I never said that ALL Jews across the world fall under the same ethnic group. They fall under the same religion, but there are different ethnic groups spread throughout the world. There are Ethiopian Jews, American Jews, etc. People are free to identify with whichever ethnic group they feel tied to. We were talking about American Jews since Morleigh is American. Like someone said earlier in this thread, the American Jewish community is stereotypically made up of Jewish people of Eastern European descent due to immigration catalyzed by the world wars. I assumed Morleigh was a member of the American Jewish community because she is American and Jewish. Yes, it was stereotypical of me to think Steinberg was a Jewish name. But is it then stereopical of me to think McDonald is an Irish name? It could be Scottish, but chances are that Scottish family immigrated out of Ireland like my ancestors did. After hearing enough names, you begin to connect the dots. Someone named Steinberg doesn't have to be Jewish. But since I already KNEW she was Jewish, the name seemed like a given.

And about atheism, I know that most atheists do not like to be affiliated with a religious group. But lately I've realized that most of my friends are still Christian, most of my favorite artists are extremely Christian (U2, Moby, REM, etc), and many people still mistake me as a religious person when they meet me. So I've realized that though I may be atheist, I am still aligned with the ethnic group in which I grew up. People who feel this way sometimes join Unitarian/Universalist churches in order to fulfill both sides of themselves. I actually considered doing this at one point, but I decided I was too lazy to get up on Sunday mornings. Like the Jewish atheists you will read about if you follow the link to the PBS article, some atheists who were formerly Christian choose to continue attending church-like services that are atheist in nature. Again, we're talking about minority groups here. Which is why people on this thread are getting confused by what I'm saying.

Ok, bye people. It was fun! Read up on this stuff, because it's really interesting.

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I think the main thing here is this:

Morleigh makes Edge happy.....

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I've received complaints about this thread, and I also don't feel there is really any need for this conversation to continue. If that upsets anybody...I'm sorry. I'm making an "executive decision" (to use a phrase I like to throw around at work ) to close this thread.

"Knight in shining Zubaz."

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