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The Fly
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Let it be said that YOU--the fans--are a vital component of what makes U2 great. I count myself among them. I cannot completely express how friendly U2 fans are. In any collection of people, you'll of course get the fringes. But U2 fans are, quite simply, some of the best PEOPLE out there. I've made many lasting friends being a U2 fan. Happy people. Smart people. Young people. Older people.

I guess, overall, I'm proud to be a fan because I'm proud to be among such great company.

It really is amazing, this thing called 'U2.'

Chris in NH

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love, blood, life
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I'm digging this positive atmosphere!! I agree with every word you've said, Chris. We may complain a lot, but in the end U2 fans are some of the nicest people you'll ever meet and there is, I think, I strong sense of comradery among the U2 fanbase. It's like just by being a U2 fan you've made yourself thousands of friends.

As for the band itself, well, they're U2. What else is there to say that hasn't already been said?

Great thread

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The Fly
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Re: A huge 'Bravo!' for the tour

You want a prize for best post so far on the 3rd leg?

Seriously, you put all those whiners about setlists & bad sound to shame.

Thanks you made my day! Another for ya

Originally posted by NHChris
As I observe the tour thus far, I have been absolutely amazed at the sheer professionalism of the U2 organization. This goes far beyond the four men on stage. We know them and love them. But up and down the U2 organization, it is one First Class collection of professionals.

I've seen U2 four times this year, all in Boston. Twice in May and twice again this month. They were superb shows in all respects. But when I think of rock & roll tours--especially ones of this magnitude--it's easy to expect something to go wrong: The singer has a cold, voice problems, exhaustion; the lights aren't working; the sound isn't right...on and on. Tours from other bands are legendary for cancellations and postponements...for a myraid of reasons. But with U2, they play each and every night to glowing reviews and wildly enthusiastic fans. It is a well-scripted and choreographed show (and why the main set list is a rather staid affair). The band members (well, three out of four anyway...hmmm...Larry?) came out to greet us in Boston on October 4. They happily and kindly spoke with fans, signed my ticket for that night's show, picked up and hugged babies, smiled, answered questions, and genuinely were thankful for the adoration bestowed upon them by their fans. In short, this whole organization called 'U2' is one hell of a great band of people. If it were a corporation that you could buy stock in, I'd buy every share available. THAT is how well this ship is run.

This third leg in the U.S. is a grueling one. There are fewer days in between dates; they are playing vastly more back-to-back nights; they have a huge convoy of 18-wheelers that need to navigate between arenas. Still, the shows go on with nary a problem.

I know this message board talks about the band. But this thing called 'U2' goes so much further and so much deeper, and I simply wanted to recognize and respect that simple fact.

I am proud to be a fan.

Chris in New Hampshire
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New Yorker
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If anyone remembers Albany Elevation, Bono was sick as a dog and still put on one hell of a show. Easily could have cancelled, but the crowd participation and them carrying Bono that night was a pretty impressive display of commitment to the fans.

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