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Surrender - Chapter 17

Disclaimer: Totally untrue, don't know the band although I wish I did. etc, etc.....

Amadan is Irish for idiot/fool

End of Chapter 16

“Well ladies, us men must love you and leave you we have important business to attend to. Sadie I’ll be late tonight so don’t wait up. I’ll see you again sometime Kim” Michael winked at her.

“I hope so Mr Murphy” Kim answered. God that guy was so sleazy, what did Sadie see in him? She wondered.

The men walked out the door, moments later Gloomy can scurrying back and passionately kissed Kim on the lips before disappearing with Michael.

“So you remember me?” Sadie asked

“Yeah, I wasn’t sure at first though.” Kim smiled

“Nor was I” Sadie confessed.

“It was an awesome gig wasn’t it” Kim ventured

“Absolutely amazing” Sadie agreed.” Fancy a cup of tea?”

“Yes please, I’m parched” Kim smiled and followed Sadie into the Kitchen.

Gloomy waited to hear the click of the seatbelt, before he relaxed. He knew what Michael’s driving could be like, and he wasn’t taking any chances.

“So how is the co habiting going?” he asked Michael

“Well it take a bit of getting used to, you know” Michael smiled

“I can imagine!” Gloomy nodded in agreement. “It’s the first time I recall you letting a girl move in.”

“I know, I just know she’s the one. Don’t ask me how I just know” Michael shrugged.

“So does that mean you’ll be remaining faithful?” Gloomy joked

“Gloomy…Gloomy…. Please one step at a time here. I’m just getting used to living with someone; my balls would explode if I had to remain faithful too!!” Michael laughed

Gloomy laughed back. He didn’t understand Michael, if he thought Sadie was the one why was he still cheating on her? It was inevitable that she would eventually found out. Women just knew these things. Oh well it wasn’t his problem.

Gloomy held his breath as Michael speed through a red light; letting out a huge sigh of relief when he knew he was still alive. Maybe next time he should suggest he drove.

“So all the girls on the books have been instructed to be there?” Michael asked

“Yes Boss, 9pm sharp” Gloomy smiled. “I must warn you the other boys are wondering who you’ll place as manager. They’ve even opened a book on it.”

“They have??” Michael wasn’t really surprised.

“I’m the favourite apparently” Gloomy giggled. He knew Michael wouldn’t place him there.

“Really?” Michael chuckled, “Well there’s going to be a few disappointed men then isn’t there”

“There sure will be” Gloomy agreed.

Gloomy looked out the window. “Boss, you’re going the wrong way! You’re heading into town!”

“Its alright Gloomy, I have a package to pick up at the Ritz” Michael explained

“Oh sorry, boss. You didn’t tell me, I could have picked it up for you” Gloomy apologised.

“No I prefer to pick this one up myself, you know” Michael smiled at Gloomy

“Sure. Anyway you haven’t told me what happened when you met the General” Gloomy enquired.

“Well my brothers decided against his proposal but I still want to do business. It’ll only affect us in London anyway, so what they don’t know won’t hurt them. I’ll sit down with you and run through it later.” Michael smiled as he drove through another red light.

“Sounds intriguing” Gloomy replied,” best you take a right turn here Boss”

The wheels screeched as the car turned sharply, as Michael followed the instruction. They drove through the City laughing at the Yuppies and their mobile phones,

“They’re like bleeding bricks!!” Gloomy laughed

“I can’t see them lasting too long!” Michael grinned.

They passed the Old Bailey which sent shivers through Michael’s body. That’s one place he hoped he would never see the inside of. Michael turned the car into the Ritz’s entrance.

“Gloomy swap seats with me. You drive us back to the brothel. I’ll be about 30 minutes.” Michael instructed as he got out of the car.

“Ok Boss” Gloomy walked around to the driver’s seat. Thanking the lord that they’d arrived in one piece.


“Please take a seat” Sadie asked Kim.

“Thanks. So have you just moved in with Mr Murphy?” Kim enquired

“Yeah, he asked me when we were in Dublin.” Sadie smiled. “Call him Michael around me and please call me Sadie, none of that Miss Murray stuff”

“Ok.” Kim smiled.

Sadie filled the kettle and placed it on the stove. “So I didn’t know you lived around here?

“Well I didn’t until a few weeks ago. I moved up from Devon. I’m a struggling artist and thought I’d try my luck in London.” Kim replied

“Wow an artist. Bet you’re good. So how did you meet Gloomy?” Sadie chuckled

“Where do you meet most Irishmen?! I went into a pub called The Dublin Castle and he tried some really corny chat up lines on me. I couldn’t resist him as I adore Irishmen, they’re are so hot” Kim blushed

“They sure are” Sadie smiled. “I sort of guess that seeing as you were at a U2 gig”

“God wasn’t that night awesome, I’d never have thought Bono would hold my hand like that” Kim smirked

“Did he? I was at the bar for most of the gig, until I just had to get involved. Michael wasn’t happy.” Sadie’s memories of the incident, still vivid in her head.

“Yeah I remember Bono trying to get you on stage” Kim agreed, “God to be held in his arms, I dream of that moment”

Sadie felt a pang of jealousy. Swiftly she realised that if she was with Bono she would have to get used to the idea of thousands of women wanting to sleep with him. The kettle whistled bringing Sadie back to reality; she got up taking the kettle from the gas and walked to the fridge

“Emm sorry Kim I have no milk. I have this though” Sadie waved a chilled bottle of wine at Kim.” Will this do??”

Kim looked at her watch, “its 12.30 isn’t it too early?”

The girls looked at each other; in perfect harmony they both answered “NO”

Sadie grabbed a couple of large glasses and filled each of them to the brim. “There you go”

“Anyone would think you were trying to get me drunk” Kim laughed

“Maybe I am” Sadie sniggered.

“Nah you ain’t I’ve seen you with men” Kim giggled“Aww hello cutie”

Sadie turned to see Shamrock walking in from the garden, “That’s Shamrock, Shammy for short. He’s a sweetheart

“I have a staffie at home too, Tammy” Kim smiled “Come here Shammy, come on boy!!”

Shammy didn’t need a second invitation; he bounded over to the girls and made himself comfortable on the sofa.


“Stupid bleedin’ phone” Bono slammed done the handset back onto the base

“What’s the matter?” Edge asked

“I can’t get through to my Da, its coming up as a dead line” Bono explained

“Are you sure?” Edge said the words, wishing he hadn’t as Bono’s lips turning to a grimace.

“Yes!! Do you think I’m some kind of amadan ?” Bono wasn’t happy

“No I didn’t say that, I just know how you and technology don’t see eye to eye sometimes; especially when you’ve had a few drinks!” Edge smiled at Bono

Bono smiled back, he couldn’t fight with Edge.

“Here let me try” Edge took the quarters from Bono and dialled the number. He waited a few minutes for the connection and listened. “Is this what you heard?” he asked as he handed Bono the receiver.

“Yeah, see I told you it was a dead line.” Bono smiled smugly

“Bono, that’s the engaged tone” Edge corrected him.

“Ohh” Bono looked down at his feet, his cheeks flush with embarrassment as he walked back to the bar.


Sadie & Kim had spent the afternoon, having great fun. They had clicked straight away, their likes and dislikes, loves and hates, similar life experiences and a near telepathic ability to read each other.

The wine had been finished, another one opened.

“We better not got too pissed. The boys will go mad” Sadie giggled

“So what” Kim replied, “They left us all day we can do what we like”

“Yeah, I know Michael, he won’t be impressed if I got our cleaner drunk” Sadie tried to be serious

“Gloomy will be ok” Kim smirked, “He knows he’ll get a shag tonight”

Both girls laughed.

“Anyway I ain’t going to refer to you as a cleaner” Sadie stated, “I’m going to call you a housekeeper”

“Does that mean I can keep this house” Kim joked sending Sadie into fits of laughter.

“You know what we should do, drunk call someone,” Kim grinned

“Yeah that sounds like fun but whom?” Sadie looked puzzled

“Ok whose phone number do you have?” Kim asked

“Ok I have my mums?” Sadie pondered

“Nah, that not nice” Kim replied

“Michael’s office” Sadie mused

“No we better not, they would come back and spoil our fun” Kim stated as she poured more wine into her glass.

“Hey, where’s my top up?” Sadie held her glass out for Kim.

“Bono?” Sadie said it without thinking, realising Kim would pick up on it

“You HAVE Bono’s phone number?” Kim looked shocked

“yeah” Sadie mumbled

“How on earth have you got that??” Kim moved closer, as if it would draw the secret out of Sadie

“Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…He gave it to me” Sadie whispered, putting her finger to her lips.

“He did??” Kim was in awe.

“Yes he did” Sadie smiled. “Shall we phone him?”

“Yeah.” Kim chuckled “But someday you’ll have to tell me the story”

“I will” Sadie smiled, she hardly knew this woman, not really yet she knew that anything she said would be safe. Kim wasn’t the type of girl to go and broadcast it to the whole world.

Sadie dialled the number; she knew it off by heart, she waited for the connection to ring then leant the ear piece to Kim so they could both hear it.

“Hello Dublin 100560” a Dublin accent greeted her

“Hello is Bono there, please? “

“Bono??” The male voice seemed puzzled for a brief moment “Oh you mean Paul.”

“He told me his name was Bono” Sadie replied giggling

“I’m afraid he’s in America touring at the moment. Can I take a message?”

“Oh I’m sorry, em no message. Thanks any way”

“Alright so” he replied and hung up on her.

The girls giggled, “That was his dad, Bob” Sadie informed Kim.

“You’ve met his dad??” Kim asked in disbelief

“No I haven’t” Sadie snickered.

“Call it again, I want to hear his dad voice again” Kim pleaded with Sadie

Once more Sadie called the number, sharing the ear piece

“Hello Dublin 100560” a Dublin accent greeted her

“Hello is Bono there, please? “

“You mean Paul.” Bob replied, a slight annoyance evident in his tone

“He told me his name was Bono” Kim replied giggling

“I’m afraid he’s in America touring at the moment. Can I take a message?”

“Are you sure you’re not him? You sound too young to be his father” Kim giggled

“No, Miss I’m his father, now can I be taking a message for him?”

“Oh I’m sorry, em no message. Thanks any way”

“Alright so” he replied and hung up on her.

Kim replaced the handset as the girls cracked up, laughing away.

“God, I’m going to pee myself, I’m laughing so much” Sadie snorted

“Shall we do it again?” Kim mischievously smiled

“Ok once more!” Sadie agreed” I don’t want to upset him”

Sadie picked up the phone and dialed the number

“Hello Dublin 100560” a Dublin accent greeted her, but this time it wasn’t Bob. The man sounded younger

“Hello is Bono there, please? “

“I’m afraid he’s in America touring at the moment. Can I take a message?”

“You sound like Bono to me” Sadie sniggered

“No I’m not, I’m his brother, now can I help you in anyway Miss?” his irritation obvious to the girls

“Tell him Sadie rang and that I can’t wait to shag him” Kim spoke into the mouthpiece

“Goodbye” Bono’s brother hang up on them...

“He hung up on us!!” Sadie looked at Kim in disbelief, “we better not phone anymore”


“That’s it! I’ve had enough” Bob was livid

“Calm down Da” Norman looked at him “I don’t think they’ll phone again.”

“Norman, it isn’t just them, they were new. I get so many calls and it’s become a nuisance now. Every hour, day and night” Bob sighed.

“Bono…” Norman began

“Paul, his name’s Paul” Bob corrected his eldest son

“Paul wouldn’t have given it out Da, it’s in the phone book.”

“I know son, I’m going to get on to Telecom Éireann, first thing in the morning, change the number and make sure we’re ex directory.” Bob stated

“Paul won’t have the number then. How will he contact you?” Norman wondered

“I’ll call Adam’s, Larry or what’s his name parents and they can pass it on, when they next speak to their sons”

“Ok Da. If that’s what you want to do” Norman shrugged

“It is son, it is” Bob replied firmly.


Michael walked from the lift and knocked on the door of the Park suite.

The door opened, Michael smiled and walked in without a word.

“Have you got the package?” Michael asked

“Yes” came the reply

“Good, that’s good” Michael was pleased. “So no problems with customs?”

“None at all” smiled the courier

“So you’ll do it again? You’ll take the risk?” Michael needed to know.

“If you make it worth my while, I’m sure will come to some arrangement.” The courier smiled.

“Actually I have a proposition for you. A permanent base here in London and obviously the occasional trip to Dublin.” Michael explained

“Sounds intriguing” The courier smiled

“As a matter of fact I’m on my way there now” he winked

“So show me what you have to offer and I’ll make my decision” the courier questioned.

“Come, I have my car downstairs waiting, no time like the present” Michael smiled.


Kim looked at her watch, “I really should be going, it’s 7 O’clock”

“Oh do you have to?” Sadie asked

“Yeah, poor Tammy needs feeding and I don’t think Michael would appreciate his cleaner being drunk when he got home.” Kim giggled

“Yeah I suppose you’re right. Although please don’t refer to yourself as a cleaner, you’re our housekeeper” Sadie corrected her.

“So when will you want me to start?” Kim enquired

“Today’s Thursday so you may as well leave it until Monday” Sadie decided.

“Ok I’ll be here 8.00am sharp” Kim tried to look as if she needed the job

“Wow, Michael doesn’t even rise until 10.00am, best you make it 11 o’clock, he’s grumpy enough in the morning without you waking him with the hoover on” Sadie laughed

“Ok suits me” Kim smiled, it would give her time to pop into the station to inform the Guv of any developments.

Sadie walked her to the door,

” I’ll see you Monday then, have a great weekend” Kim said

“Thanks I will, you too” Sadie smiled.

Kim turned and walked down the stairs; Sadie shut the door and walked back to the kitchen, retrieving yet another bottle of wine. She was alone now and Michael probably wouldn’t be home until the early hours.

She turned on the TV, she flicked through the channels, Brideshead Revisited on ITV, The Old Grey Whistle Test on BBC2 and Doctor Who on BBC1. She flicked back to BBC2, the titles were rolling, it was a repeat of U2’s performance. As Sadie sat and watched Bono and the boys perform "The Ocean"," 11 O’clock Tick Tock", and "I Will Follow", tears fell from her eyes is a steady stream of loneliness, guilt and yearning.

She talked to the screen as if Bono was there, it was the best she had;

“I don’t deserve to have your affection Bono, I’m a whore. I know I love you more than any man ever but I don’t understand why I sleep with other men; I must look like a right slapper. You need a good kind person that loves you and doesn’t sleep around.”

She looked at the clock; 10 O’clock. Sadie knew she was absolutely wrecked. She’d better get herself up to bed and pray that Michael didn’t wake her when he came home. She got the empty bottles and hid them so Michael wouldn’t find them, she get rid of them tomorrow. Sadie called Shammy in from the garden and locked the doors.

“Commme on boy” she slurred as she started to climb the stairs to the bedroom.“Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh don’t tell Daddy, mummy was drink"


Gloomy sat in the driver’s seat, tapping his fingers in time to the music playing on the radio. He looked up and saw Michael walking towards him. It wasn’t until Michael was closer he realised that he had someone with him, obviously the person he’d had a meeting with.

Michael opened the back door allowing the new passenger to get in, closed the door and walked around to the other side and jumped in the back.

“Gloomy, allow me to introduce you to a new member of my Management team. This is Mary Kelly, she’ll be in charge of Sadie’s.

“Hi Gloomy, I’ve heard all about you” Mary stretched out her hand to greet him

“Hi Mary, welcome to London I guess.” Gloomy firmly shook her hand. As he turned to drive he saw Michael’s hand move and firmly pat the top of Mary’s inner thigh; there was no mistaking that there this was more than just a business arrangement.

“To Sadie’s please Gloomy” Michael smiled

“Yes boss” Gloomy replied


“So here we are Mary, Sadie’s Sensual Massage, it used to be a hotel, albeit it a small one” Michael informed her that they’d arrived at the brothel

“Mickey, there’s one thing I know about you for sure, and that’s nothing you do is small” she winked at him, making him laugh.

“Gloomy, wait for me in the bar” Michael instructed.

They got out of the car and walked hand in hand into the premises, it had been decorated in a bordello style, a bit too chintzy for Mary’s taste but that’s what customer’s expected.

“There’s 15 rooms and a club situated in the basement, that will be the strip club and bar.” Michael tried to keep his mind on business.

“So how many employees do we have??” Mary asked

“We have 20 girls and 5 men on the books; a mixtures of prostitutes, strippers, dominatrix, phone sex operators, and I hope to implement the porn production soon although that will be on another premises.My brothel operates on a Maison Close business model; in other words the prostitutes receive a small fixed salary and a portion of the money spent by the customer.”

“Mickey, you don’t need to explain Maison close, I have worked in the business for a few years” Mary stated.

“Sorry baby, I didn’t mean to patronise you” Mickey kissed her gently on the cheek

“It’s alright. So what made you pick that name?” Mary was intrigued at Michael’s choice.

“Well as soon as I’m able I’ll get it legally signed over into Sadie’s name and any problems will head her way.” Michael coolly explained

“Mickey Murphy, you are one sick evil man.” Mary laughed. “So what has Sadie ever done to you?”

“Absolutely nothing I just have to protect myself “Michael laughed, “Oh and by the way your name for business purposes is Sadie Murray. I’ll have a fake driving licence, passport and all documentation for you in her name within a few days.”

“You are such a vogue Mickey; you know that naughty boys have to be punished.” Mary whispered.

“As hard as you’re making it for me, that’ll have to wait. We need to look at the girls the boys have chosen and I need to discuss security arrangements.” Michael’s loins ached for Mary.

“So Mickey, where is my office?” Mary asked before she agreed to anything she wanted to see what she was getting.

“Well my gorgeous goddess, there’s a nice little office especially for you, on the top floor” Michael beamed. “Come we may as well go and see it now.”

Michael took her hand and led her through the bar to a service elevator in the back. “Only you get the use of this, it takes you right up to your office, there are only two keys.”

“So who has the other key then?” Mary enquired

“Well I do.” Michael smiled with a glint in his eye, as he shut the door and pressed the button.

“Oh my! What will I do? I’ll have to make sure I don’t entertain another man when you’re otherwise occupied.” Mary teased

“Mary, you are my mistress. Don’t you ever let me ever catch you with another man” Michael snarled.

“Mickey if you don’t realise by now that you more than satisfy my every womanly need, then you need help.” Mary beamed, the thoughts of Michael’s fantastic techniques exciting her every muscle.

The lift stopped.

“Here we are. This is your office” Michael said as he opened the door. “The same décor as the rest of the brothel, keep any punters that come up here under the illusion that this is it.”

“It isn’t??” Mary was intrigued

“No it isn’t” Michael smirked, “there’s a hidden door that takes you into a self contained flat, a kitchen diner, lounge, bathroom and bedroom.”

“So that’ll be our shag pad I take it?” Mary laughed

“Don’t say that you make it sound so sordid and dirty.” Michael said annoyed

“Mickey, I’m your mistress “Mary reminded him.

“You press the button here, takes you into the flat” Michael showed Mary where to press. The button was placed under a vase on the fireplace.

The flat was more tastily decorated than the brothel. Modern, but to Mary’s taste.

“You like?” Michael enquired

“I love it” Mary replied

They walked back into the office.

“The girls will be arriving shortly, I’d value your opinion Mary. “ Michael smiled

“Well I know that my dear, if you didn’t you wouldn’t have brought me here.” Mary growled as she perched herself on the desk... “How long until the girls arrive?”

Michael smiled, he knew what that growl meant; Mary was horny. “About 20 minutes”. He walked over to her and placed his lips on hers, forcing his tongue into her willing mouth.


They had nearly finished dressing when a knock came at the door

“Wow that was a close shave!” Mary giggled as she took her seat

“Just the way I like it” Michael grinned as he sat himself down beside Mary.

“Come in” Michael commanded.

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sorry this chapter took so long girls

A mixture of real life and brain freeze took there toll on me

Please enjoy

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ing it

As for Michael

When will KISA come and rescue Sadie ??
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i like it .
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Want me to unfreeze your brain

I love this now hurry up and write some more....because the sooner we get to Michael getting his arse kicked, the happier I'll be
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god Michael is such a bastard
Im loving this Wild - i get so excited every time i see a new chapter!
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Back from vacation & wow a new chapter! Thanks Wild!
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Oi!! Next chapter! Now! MOVE IT!!!

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Please Wild. We need you.

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