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Slowly Love--Chapter Five

Thank you, wo_speaking for my new beautiful avatar! I loves it! It's the least you could have done for corrupting me, after all. Bono's going to be so disappointed in me...

Disclaimer: Five chapters in and I’m already sick of these FICTIONAL disclaimers!

Chapter Five

The next day Edge saw no sign of Alexandra, not even a walk to the mailbox or a trimming to her garden. Odd, he thought, usually she was either on her front porch reading or working on her picturesque yard. Today, however, she wasn’t even in her bedroom. Shamefully, Edge did sneak a few glances here and at the direction of the girl’s window.

Giving up on Alexandra, Edge decided to spend his day unpacking the rest of his things and transforming the fitness room into a music room. In fact, he was so engrossed with his chores that he barely even took notice to the day passing over into night. After munching on some leftovers from the last two picnic’s, Edge folded the empty boxes and stashed them away in the storage closet.

Collecting his acoustic, Edge then headed outside to play some music in the great outdoors. At last! For almost a week now he was itching to love up on his guitar by the pool, and, with no sign of rain or crazy weather, he was able to do just that.

Indian style on the concrete landing, Edge strummed his guitar a few times, plucking the strings and humming along until the humming turned into a gentle song. It wasn’t any melody in particular, just a few random chords and bluesy solos. After a half hour or so of playing, Edge sat his guitar down next to him, carefully as not to scratch it, rolled up his jeans and dipped his feet into the cool water of his underground pool.

Stars twinkled like silver and gold glitter in the sky, circling a perfect, half moon. Closing his eyes, Edge laid on the concrete, his hands behind his head while kicking the water fairly, stargazing and lost in his mixture of thoughts: his children and the pain of being away from them, his ex-wife--the cause of that pain. And he thought of the band, his music, still coming off the high of their latest tour. If not for music, or the guys, Edge wouldn’t be the same guy that he is today. He owed them his life. And he knew why Bono always showed up uninvited and why he dragged the other’s along. He didn’t want Edge to be alone, constantly wanting to remind the guitarist that he’s still a great friend, a wonderful father and talented musician.

Alex crept in past the gate that separated her property from Edge’s. On the swing of her porch, with a book in hand, she once again fell into the world of the man’s guitar playing. His tune was something different tonight, softer, more elegant and somewhat…melancholy. It was wrong of her to just waltz right over to Edge’s back yard, but it irritated her that he had stopped playing. Ultimately, if not for his music, Alex wouldn’t be able to endure the same sort of calmness she had recently discovered since the first night she heard him play.

When coming upon the pool, Alexandra’s bones restrained, her brain contemplating whether she should just turn and go back home. Edge laid on the ground, his face onward to the night sky as if immersed in consolidation. However, it was too late to back out. Edge looked up at her and sat up quickly, a grin growing.

“’Ello, Alexandra.” He greeted warmly. “How are you tonight?”

Circling her tip toes on the grass, she shrugged, slightly embarrassed. “I’m fine. I didn’t mean to just…you know, er, come over unexpected and such.”

“You’re fine,” Edge assured, finding her shyness adorable. Most women he knew usually threw themselves at him. Alex, on the other hand, had class and stability. “Want to join me? The night is young.”

“Er, actually, I just wanted to know why you stopped playing.”

Astounded, Edge chuckled, not quite knowing how to respond. “Well, I just wanted to take a break and draw some constellations. Did you want me to play? I can play something for you. But,” He pointed. “You have to sit here with me while I do.”

Searching her eyes, Edge waited a few long, long seconds whilst Alexandra questioned on if she wanted to stay or go. Although she would never tell him, Alex was well aware that it wasn’t in her best interest to get close to another man, specially one as innocent as Edge. It wouldn’t be humane to drag him into her world, and it wouldn’t be in her nature to have him in her world as well.

Nevertheless, there was something about the look in his eyes, something she noticed when the light was just right. With just one glance from those hazel iris’s, her old world seemed to evaporate, sent away to some distant planet that science knew nothing of. Everything about him was comforting: his gorgeous smile, his friendly gestures and gentle voice. He reminded Alex of her father in countless ways.

Caving in, Alex nodded and sat next to Edge, making sure to keep a safe distance between their bodies. Still, their hands were only inches away, their naked feet grazing every now and again underwater. It petrified her, being this close to a man. How long has it been since she even looked at another male? Months? Days? Years?

Edge was the first to talk. “What did you do today? I didn’t see you outside.”

“Hm? Oh! Yeah, I kind of had an emergency in the green house.” Alex explained with a despairing sigh. “You see, I have these rose bushes in there, fifty of them, an-”

“FIFTY?” Edge’s eyes widened.

Alex chuckled. “I know, it’s extreme. I love roses, though. And I have every color you can think of: red, yellow, pink, white. And, well, my Hybrid Tea Roses were withering away for awhile and I tried saving them but, sadly, they passed on. So I had to empty those pots and make new ones.”

“Hybrid Tea Roses? What are those?”

At first Alex thought that Edge was only trying to make friendly conversation. That is, until she saw the serious look on his face, his eyebrows crossed in confusion and wonderment. Going against her better judgment, Alex asked him:

“Would you like to see them? One of the bushes survived. They’re truly a magnificent flower.”

“Yeah! Absolutely!”

Edge stood up, rolled his pant legs back down over his ankles and helped Alex to her feet, reaching out a hand that she accepting willingly. With the sound of crickets chirping in the air, they walked side by side to her house and to the right end of the house. Edge couldn’t believe what he was witnessing. He knew that the greenhouse was big but up close it was enormous! In fact, it was almost as big Alexandra’s house and took up all of the property in that particular area.

Taking a key out of her pocket, Alex turned to Edge and said. “Now, I’m not trying to sound like a snob, but please don’t touch anything. I have years and years of care in here and I’ve never allowed anyone, and I mean anyone, to see what’s in here.”

“Of course. I understand. I feel the same way about my guitars.” He winked.

Alex’s knees went weak and, gathering herself together, unlocked the door and switched on the light. Moving aside so Edge could walk past her, Alex focused on the man as to not miss one second of his reaction. Almost immediately his eyes lit up. Her greenhouse put all flower shops to shame. There were rows upon rows upon rows of roses, tulips, lilacs, bellflowers, lilies and lavenders. Hanging from the ceiling were pots of bleeding hearts and breeds that he had never seen before. It was like walking into a Monet painting: colorful and unreal.

“It’s like your own personal secret garden.” Edge looked at Alex with a lopsided smirk. “It’s incredible.”

Going scarlet, Alex thanked him and, due to natural instinct, grabbed his hand, enthralled to finally be able to show off all her hard work. For years she’s spent countless hours, sometimes from dusk to dawn, in the greenhouse, babying her roses and plants.

“Here, I want to show you some very rare ones,” She stated with such a joy that reminded Edge of whenever his daughter painted pictures in grade school. There were so many isles of plants that Edge wondered how Alex could keep track of it all. Then again, she was the one who made all this…

In the third row at the very, very back of the indoor garden, Alexandra stopped and picked off one of the buds, handing it to her guest. “This,” She told him. “Is called a Impatiens Psittacina. What does it look like to you?”

Studying closer, bring the purple, white and yellow bud to eye’s view, Edge’s face enlightened. “A bird.”

“A parrot! It’s more commonly known as a Parrot Flower! It’s one of my favorites.”

“That’s incredible! I’ve never seen one of these before.”

“Yes, they’re extremely rare. Not many people know about them. Actually, they‘re only grown in Thailand and it‘s uh…illegal to export them but…I have my connections.“ She winked. “And they’re extremely hard to grow because they require limestone soil with a very, very high pH level. In Thailand, they only bloom in October and November. But, in here, I find ways to keep them blooming. That’s why you’ll feel different temperatures in various spots in here. I’ve spent more work building this beauty than I have creating the beauty inside.”

“I’m impressed. Really.”

“Thank you. Now this here,” She went on, grabbing his hand once again and pulling him to another isle at the opposite side of the greenhouse where it was a bit warmer than where they recently were. “This is a Digitalis purpurea, also known as a foxglove. These are grown in Europe and aren’t illegal.” She snickered. “They come in purple, white, yellow and pink and if you look closely, they’re spotted inside the tunnel.”

“They’re very tall!”

“Yeah, usually they grow only one to two meters but the last time I measured them they were about three and half. Now for my babies!”

Edge, at first, didn’t notice the second door in the greenhouse until he was brought to it. Stepping past the frame, another large circumference waited for him only not as glorious as the larger room he had just been in. Large clay pots in isles of fours, five in each row, sported only soil and small, green stems, all except a single bush in the very middle.

Alex’s mouth dropped, her eyes losing it’s glow. “This is all that remains of my Hybrid Tea Roses. I don’t know what I did wrong, exactly, but whatever I did ruined them completely. This whole room used to be so full that you could barely walk in it. And now look at it.” She shook her head sadly. “Only one bush remains.”

Edge didn’t know what to say. If it were anyone else, they would have found Alex a complete nutcase. Edge, however, was not just anyone, he was an artist and he knew how it felt when a guitar string broke in the middle of a live show and understood the pain of one of his instruments breaking or getting damaged for the first time. So, when resting upon Alex’s tear glazed, lime green eyes, he felt her empathy and distress.

Without a word, Alex strolled to the bush that was taller than her and carefully picked off one of the roses. Handing it to Edge, he smiled compassionately. “Thank you. It’s beautiful.”

“That’s for being so nice to me. I’m sorry that I only have the white ones. The pink ones are my favorite. And they’re special because they’re a cross between hybrid perpetuals and old fashioned tea roses. People consider them the ‘royalty of all roses.”

“It’s not completely white. There’s some light purple on the petals and yellow in the middle.”

“You’re right. But you should see the pink ones! They’re extraordinary. And aren’t they large! Five inches across! Almost as big as your palm!”

Edge agreed. “They’re beautiful. And hey, don’t be so harsh on yourself. Nature is finicky sometimes. And you should be proud of what you’ve accomplished! This whole place is so…well, it’s like a dream! And when you re-grow the new ones, they‘ll be just as radiant as they were before.”

Fighting back the tears, Alexandra presented Edge with an appreciative smile, walking at his side out of the greenhouse and to Edge’s pool. Dipping their feet back into the water, Edge picked up his guitar, turning so that he had foot in the pool and the other at an inward angle, facing the beautiful girl next to him.

“What kind of music do you listen to?” He asked her.

She shrugged. “It varies. I go through phases. For awhile it was classical music, then punk rock and alternative. My brother was a wonderful musician! He could play just about anything: piano, guitar, saxophone.”

“I would love to meet him!”

Alex’s posture hardened and Edge mentally slapped himself. Did he say something wrong? Did he hurt her feelings? God, he didn’t want to ruin the moment, he wanted to enhance it!

“I’m sorry,” He quickly apologized. “I didn’t mean to br-”

“No,” Interrupted Alex immediately. “You did nothing wrong and it’s very sweet that you want to meet him but…he, he passed away a few years ago.”

Edge felt like an anvil had landed on his chest, knocking the very breath out of his lungs. If he would have known that bit of information, he wouldn’t have even thought twice about bringing it up.

“I’m so sorry,” Edge whispered, placing a warm hand on Alexandra’s sleeved arm.

“It’s ok,” She promised him, sniffing and drying off her tears. Luckily, his fingers on her arms kept her calm, sending an electric bolt from where he touched her to her insides, her veins pumping. “Could we change the subject?”

“Yes! Of course. Er, do you play?”

“Not well.” She laughed. “I mean, Aaron, my brother, taught me some chords but that’s pretty much it. I’ve always been more comfortable with a paintbrush than a guitar. Hell, I barely know how to hold the thing!”

Tipping his head back, Edge let out a raging howl. “Ok, I won’t make you play, then.”

“You don’t have to go into song. Just play whatever. It doesn’t matter to me, just as long as you do. I have to admit, I’ve been listening to you ever since you got here. You play around nine-thirty every night. And don’t think I’m weird or anything. I only know this because I sit out on the porch around the same time of night to read.”

Edge blinked at her, picking some chords with his fingers while they talked. “It’s the best time of night in my opinion. Everyone has gone to bed, nature is at peace.”

“And there’s always a nice breeze no matter what season it is.” Added Alex, erupting a grin from the man next to her.

“Yes there is. I’ve been all over the world, seen many wonderful, beautiful places but there’s no place like Ireland.”

“Have you lived here your whole life?”

“For as long as I can remember. I was born in Barking, England but my parents moved us to Dublin when I was one.”

“How long have you known the guys?”

“Years! We went to school together.”

Alex hummed with a nod, twirling the hybrid rose over and over with her hands, watching as Edge’s elegant, slim fingers danced across the neck of his acoustic. Swaying back and forth to the melody, Alex closed her eyes, recognizing the song at once, singing along softly.

“She never mentions the word addiction, in certain company. Yes, she’ll tell you she’s an orphan, after you meet her family.”

Grinning from ear to ear, Edge played a bit loudly, rocking to and fro as the song progressed, joining Alex at the cue to sing. “She paints her eyes as black as night now, pulls those shades down tight. Yeah, she gives a smile when the pain comes. The pain’s gonna make everything alright.”

“Says she talks to angels, they call her out by her name. Oh yeah, she talks to angels, says they call her out by her name.” Alex finished the chorus solo, opening her eyes and shook her head with amazement. “That’s so crazy. My brother would play that song all the time! It was our favorite to sing together.”

“I guess I picked a good song then?” Edge cocked an eyebrow.

“You did. Very well done. So, if you don’t mind me asking, where are your girls?”

Wincing, Edge forced himself to keep playing. Rarely did he talk about his daughters, even to Bono, but Alex had shared a hardship with him. It was only reasonable to do the same.

“Well,” He started, his voice barely audible over the guitar. “After Aislinn and I split, she took me to court for custody of our daughters. It was a very, very long and stressful battle but she won full custody. I get to see them once every once in awhile if I’m lucky.”

“What?” Shrieked Alexandra, her rage boiling. “How is that possible? You’re a rich rock star for heavens sake!”

“Exactly,” Edge’s laughter was anything but humorous. “She kind of used that against me. She told the courts that I didn’t have the time to be a decent father with all the touring and recording and being away. She said,” He choked on his words, swallowing hard. “She said, and these are her exact words, ’Why, your honor, allow Dave Evans custody of his children when he never sees them anyways? He can provide them with cash and clothes but what about emotional support?’” Edge shook his head angrily. “Who says something like that? These are our children on the line, you know? Not a house or a piece of property.”

“That’s disgusting, Edge. I’m so terribly sorry.”

“Thank you. I’ll get them back soon. I’m working with my lawyer. It’s been a constant carousal for years. We’ve been in court countless of times and I’ve literally begged her, on my hands and knees, to let me see my girls. They’re not just hers, you know?”

Engrossed with his temper, Edge exhaled sharply, collecting his nerves before he either smashed something or broke down into tears in front of his neighbor, neither of which were optional.

“We can drop it,” Squeezing his knee, Alex cooed. “I know how it feels to lose family. Life can be so cruel sometimes.”

Edge nodded. “Indeed it can. Do you live here alone? Where are your parents?”

Shit! Did he say something wrong again? Judging from the abrupt change in the atmosphere, he had, yet again, dabbled into a second touchy topic.

“They passed away as well.” She mumbled, her face hidden in her hands, the tears impossible to hide. “I know it sounds unbelievable but…”

“Damn it, girl, I’m sorry.” Edge set his guitar to the side, putting Alexandra in it’s place, rubbing her back as she cried onto his shoulder.

“It’s ok, really.”

“No it’s not, Alexandra. God, no wonder why you moved so faraway.”

That’s not the reason why she left the States but Edge didn’t need to know that. Not yet anyways. She had already told him enough, more than she had ever told another soul in five years. With a tight throat, her words were stuck in the depth of mouth, her chest tightening. He held her but she didn’t hold in return, keeping her arms tight around her own chest. Intoxicated by the fresh, musky scent that was Edge, she surrendered to the affection, desperately yearning to be babied and…well…just heard.

For the longest time they remained in that position, Edge’s hands rubbing Alex’s back and neck, unknotting the tensed muscles that erupted from beneath her moonlit skin. Relaxing from Edge’s skilled fingers, Alex melted into him, resting the side of her cheek on his shoulder, the tip of her nose nuzzled in the dip between his neck and shoulder.

Daringly, Edge pressed his cheek to the crown of her head, her crimson hair velvety on the roughness of his stubbly face. Mixed in with the aroma of Dublin air was a subtle perfume of shampoo and flowers. Alexandra radiated a similar smell that he had witnessed in the greenhouse only an hour or so ago. And her bones felt fragile in his grasp. He was just grateful that her sobs vanished.

Grazing, ever so lightly, her lips on the soft skin of Edge’s neck, Alex descended away until they were nose to nose, hazel eyes to hazel eyes. With the moon ascending down upon them, Alex’s breath stopped short at the way Edge glowed. It was too much for her, far too difficult to deny the obvious attraction between them.

Raising a hand, Edge ran the tips of his fingers downward Alex’s slim, smooth face, his gaze so intense that it could have burned a hole right through her very soul. Neither one of them had been this intimately close to the opposite sex for so long. Edge so painfully wanted to lean in and kiss those full, pout lips with his own, to taste her and, though she would never say it, she wanted him to kiss her.

Grabbing both his wrists and pulling them down from her face to their laps, Alexandra sighed, clearing her throat. “I should go,” She whispered. “It’s getting late.”

Edge struggled to not let his voice leak disappointment that he felt. “Alright. Thank you for visiting. I had a nice time.”

“Me too,” She said truthfully, standing up with Edge. Kneeling down, she plucked the rose off the ground and held it out towards Edge. “Have a nice night, Edge.”

“I’ll walk you.”

“No, it’s ok, really. It’s only a three second walk back home. Thank you, anyways.”

“Ok. Sweet dreams, Alexandra.”

“You, too.”

Turning, Alex proceeded on with her short journey back to her own, empty house, not looking back once to the musician. In the safety of her home, Alexandra shut the door, pressing up against the glass, breathing heavily. Confused with the whole ordeal and with herself, she went up the stairs to her room, changing into a nightgown before slipping underneath the covers in the dark. A light breeze from the opened window cooled her fevered temperature.

“Too close,” She warned aloud to herself. “Way too close. What are you thinking, Alex?”

Oh, but the feeling! The feeling of being touched and handled! How she missed it! How she missed being able to talk to someone again. And it was so easy, almost too easy, to talk to Edge. Unlike every other guy she ever dated, he actually listened to her. He didn’t pretend to listen just to win points with her. After all, it was almost impossible to win her over. The years have hardened her--built a bullet proof wall around her heart and soul.

Most surprising of all, he wanted to kiss her but he didn’t cross any boundaries. Moreover, he respected her territory, plainly waiting to see if she would lean into him for permission. When she didn’t show any access, he let her go. Never has she met a man so restrained and patient.

Streaming from the heavens and into her room was the familiar harmony of Edge’s music, eclipsing about her like a soothing lullaby. He was doing this for her, she sensed with agony. It was wanton to shield herself from him when he so willingly opened up to her.

Bottom line was: she wasn’t good enough for a man like The Edge. It was a fact, no matter how hard she strained to convince herself otherwise.


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I truely want to know more about her
I mean... It's Edge: KISS HIM!

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Originally Posted by LoveandLogic View Post
Bono's going to be so disappointed in me...

I'm disappointed in you

But not in this storyyyy!! Alexandra's character is very intriguing
And I felt sad at the part about the custody of the kids Ah-may-zing writer, you are.
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Originally Posted by secretly alone View Post
I'm disappointed in you

But not in this storyyyy!! Alexandra's character is very intriguing
And I felt sad at the part about the custody of the kids Ah-may-zing writer, you are.
thank you, love!
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i like it.
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You know so much about photography, and now gardening too!

I feel so sad for Edge and for Jessica, but god, to not be able to see your children at all...

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edge, fan fiction, u2

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