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Originally Posted by monkeyskin View Post
Off the RS list I'd like to say Jack White. Dude's released eight (I think) albums this decade, including one of the very best in Elephant. The White Stripes were also a huge band in the early 00s garage band boom and have easily outlived it. Just a shame he's never seemed to cross into the mainstream on the level other nominees have.
Oh, indeed. Jack needs to be in the conversation. Let's not forget that he also produced one of the decade's best and most critically acclaimed country music albums...Loretta Lynn's Van Lear Rose.

Originally Posted by monkeyskin View Post
But I think, when all's said and done, the 'artist' who has defined this decade in the same way as The Beatles did in the 60s is Simon Cowell. His contribution to modern popular music, for better or for worse, really sums up the iTunes, single orientated, disposable culture is impossible to deny. I don't know about American Pop Idol, but X Factor UK is the biggest show on TV for the past few years and dominates the charts. Over the past month, three out of four UK number one singles have been X Factor / Pop Idol graduates. Yes, most fade away quickly but not until the next season starts. Some though, like Girls Aloud and Leona Lewis, are mega huge. Oh and Susan Boyle.

Simon Cowell has been behind all this, so he grudgingly gets my vote for defining the decade musically.
Oh, indeed. The impact of American Idol is just as strong as the X Factor. The weekly downloadable performances dominate the iTunes charts. And two winners of the contest, Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson, are two of the best selling pop acts of the decade in the States. And other schmucks like Daughtry and David Cook have had astounding chart success. Simon Cowell's got his fingers in all the pies.

Good call.

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Originally Posted by GirlsAloudFan View Post
It could be argued that Kanye isn't closing out the decade too strongly and that he actually is missing a beat, right now. It's been over a year since he's had a hit single or released an album, and the most recent LP was nowhere as critically lauded as his previous three efforts. Not to mention the negative press he received for that thing he did to my girlfriend on that award show. He's kind of been a complete recluse since that whole thing went down.

Anyway, College Dropout and Late Registration are indeed modern hip hop classics, so he did own at least a good little chunk of this decade.
When I said "miss a beat" I didn't mean in terms of consistency but in terms of staying relevant and in the public eye. Even if some of his PR is bad, no one's forgetting about him. Just because hip hop artists tend to be more prolific doesn't mean we should write the guy off because he's not putting out an album a year anymore. Aren't you the one who brought up OutKast, who put one out every 3+ years?

Also, what 808s and Heartbreak lacks in quality it makes up for in its attempts to do something different, and I applaud him for that.

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Originally Posted by Snowlock View Post
Looking back, it's really quite amazing that U2 has become the instituion they have. They haven't had a number one single since 1987.
Er, I can only assume you're one of these types that thinks America equals the world. Probably, you have never been outside America, and think that there is no electricity or running water or even no Starbucks or hamburgers in those backward places that manage, somehow or other, to carve out an existence in far-flung corners of the globe.

The fact is, they've had twenty seven number one singles since 1987. If we exclude the singles that only reached number one in Ireland, it might be a couple less, but it's still a huge number.

U2 discography - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Although, it does make me wonder why they still concentrate so hard on the US market for so little result.
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Just cause they haven't had a #1 single doesn't mean anything. You can be the biggest band in the world and have every one of your efforts peak at #2. lol.
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I voted for Radiohead.

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