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Old 03-30-2013, 05:10 PM   #1
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Bang & Clatter Listening Party #2: Suede

So I'm going to get this started, as I think the listening party is good idea for our little community. Suede was mentioned several times in the last thread, so I went ahead and listened to the debut.

This is some good-old guitar rock with huge riffs and even larger hooks. It felt good to be back in that Brit-Pop environment, where the singer isn't afraid to let everything out like he's just assuming he is performing in front of thousands of people. My most immediate point of comparison is Definitely Maybe, but I feel like Suede are more subtle and cerebral than the lads from Oasis, even if that isn't saying very much. Anyway, the album had a definite sonic theme, but the songs were varied enough that the guitar heroics did not become repetitive or cloying. That's the mark of a strong guitarist, and now I wonder if that guitarist is the bloke whom the Pitchfork writers spend two-thirds of each Suede review discussing. My favorite tracks on first listen were So Young and Sleeping Pills.

Looking forward to Dog Man Star next.

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I just ordered the first two albums in "like new" condition from for a grand total of $8.36 including shipping.

I guess the recent release of the deluxe editions has really driven the price down.

Anyway, I'll get on these as soon as I receive them.

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Old 04-01-2013, 03:19 AM   #3
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I've never listened to Suede. I'll get on it.
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Old 04-01-2013, 06:55 AM   #4
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Gang - if you've never heard Dog Man Star you're in for a treat.
The album plays out like Les Miserables or something. There's battles and romantic interludes. High romance and simmering evil. It's quite a trip, and unlike anything else out there, britpop or otherwise.

IronYuppie - yes, thats the guitar playing that all the reviewers keep harping on. Bernard Butler is one of my favorite players to listen to. He's playing on Dog Man Star. Apparently he and Brett weren't on terms during the recording of this album, and sometimes the mix makes it clear who was in the control room and who was absent. Regardless, The guitars on this album are in fine form - it's a natural progression from the first album. Some of his best solos are contained in here.

Brett and Bernard reconvened with a different backing band to make an album in 2004 or so - The Tears ("Here Come the Tears"). If you like Dog Man Star, that album is definitely worth your attention. Personally, I love it. Have fun!
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Will get on this!!
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Back in the 90's, when I was getting heavily into Brit-Pop and, more specifically, PULP, I tried listening to Suede. I just couldn't get past Brett Anderson's voice. It was too much for me. (Which is funny because, one of the main complaints I hear about PULP, is that you have to get past "the singer's" voice.)

Maybe it's time to give Mr. B.A. another chance.

[NOTE: pass vs. past forever confuses me, but I think I wrote it correctly above, because I used it with another verb, which makes it "past", not "passed".)
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You used "past" correctly both times above.

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