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International Philosophy, Science and Theology Festival

It started in 2001 in the town near to where I live. A forum for people to discuss ideas. One of the outcomes of the first festival was:"We recognise the global crisis facing the human race and the planet, and the need to make a searching response of our thinking."
I think it is a wonderful event. i haven't been able to afford the seminars, but this year one of our local artists has done a series of painting to try to interpret the Earth Charter.I did get along to see that and it was very moving, indeed.The four main principles of the Earth Charter.Respect and care for the community, ecological integrity, social and economic justice, non-violence and peace.
They were supposed to be having an astronomy night last night but we have very heavy cloud and pouring rain at the moment.
Anyway if you want to have a look
It is not the most elaborate site, but you will at least see the cathedral I love so much. I always seem to end up sitting near the window that portrays Salome.
We have had 2 synods in the past few months and have still been unable to elect a new Bishop. My mate(as my hub calls him) Bishop"Hippy" Huggins had proved very hard to replace.
One of these days I WILL tell my "tale of two churches" here. It is U2 related. The new "St John the Baptist" church is being consecrated in my home town this Sunday. My mother is playing the organ, she's rather delighted about that. I would like to be there, but my car is seriously broken down..again!

anyway peace

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Sounds very stimulating!

"I can't change the world, but I can change the world in me." - Bono

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As this page was loading on my Macky, the words philosophy and theology were running together to make Theosophy. I started thinking about my beloved Sanskrit professor in college. He was a devotee of Madame Blavatsky, and an Aussie. He knew more about Greek, Latin, and Sanskrit than anyone this side of Max Mueller. He was wonderful. He taught all eight of us Sanskrit for two years. He told the story of his arrival in the States at LAX. The Hare Krishnas were there, soliciting donations in exchange for a translation of Hindu Scripture. He took the book from them, not knowing their reputation for rudeness and tenacity. He then proceded to point out all the errors in their translation. Priceless!

When he died, the Classical languages at my college went with him. He dropped dead on campus, carrying the two heavy briefcases full of books that he was never without. He came to see me after he died. I didn't really understand what he was doing, so I was frightened. He was such a gentle and loving man, that I'm sure he didn't hold my fear against me. I miss him, and I think of him often.

You understand, cass.
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I try to martha..a lifelong search mate

funny you should mention Madame Blavatsky and nice Aussie men. I made a friend who introduced me to theosophy, he had a huge and fascinating library. Unfortunately we had a ...I don't know what you call it...I don't see him anymore. It was his birthday a couple of days ago and I was missing out I made salsa cruda for dinner last night and it reminded me again of him.

I made two errors up there. The festival started in 1999 and my mother isn't playing the organ on Sunday...the big kahuna gave her the nudge. At least I am no longer plotting ways to get up there.
And martha it is almost 8am 27th June here. I haven't opened your "foot/toe" threads with pics. I ama big wuss when it comes to blood and such. But I wish you all the best
Chhers to you too sulayou're a brave woman
U both R
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