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The Fly
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maybe "cyanide" maybe "poiiiiiiiiiizon"

Cyanide threatened with suicide
Cyanide oh how she snide
Cyanide for the love I denied
Sparkling and crystallised

Lied Tied Hide… Cyanide
Ride Tried Died…. Cyanide

Ohh from the outset goin
Through the planes of fantasy
Save yourself from your own self
Save yourself from your own self from…

Put on hold chosen to be told
Your soul’s load’s been sold
There’s no need for money
No need for money no need for

In my country I have no conscience
In my subconscious I have no country
Love won’t kill the feeling
But it won’t kiss the ceiling

In another man’s shoes I have no dreams
In my dreams I have nothing attached to my feet
Hate is so devout
Perturbed but a tart

Perhaps shouldn’t ‘ave wanted to shock
I could have stuck with Hemlock
Or else there was that other chick
Everyone did and called her Arsenic

Sour bitter pill… sweetest design
Crushed sliced powder… can be mixed ice
Embedded in the rings of destiny
I crouch and cower

Don’t want to succumb to the swing and the sway of
But I did and am I still alive
And that’s the was I feel
The soul’s sweet sweat leads
To the quashing of the heart and mind’s misdeeds
Oh how sweet to surrender to cyanide

was going to forget to credit Radiohead's "idioteque" for this one

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Rock n' Roll Doggie
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whole lotta female imagery going on in the corner of late.

Now we're arsenic

very caustic froggie.

'In my country I have no conscience
In my subconscious I have no country'

Cool lines. Your poetry always confuses the hell out of me, guess that's what makes it so damn interesting.
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