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Talk in 1980s Freddy Krueger Catchphrases Month

That is what I am dubbing this month, and I think that a number of members - not me, obviously - should be forced to post only using catchphrases used by Freddy Krueger in the 1980s and 90s franchise of Nightmare on Elm Street movies.

"How sweet, fresh meat!"

"Bon appetit, bitch!"

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Do you like my body Joey?

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How's that for a wet dream?!
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AAAARRGHH....Avast ye maties....oh wait.
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Well, it ain't Dr. Seuss.
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ALL of Freddy Krueger's Stories HERE
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Okay, forget anything you’ve seen in any other Nightmare movie. I’m making up my own stuff, though some parts may be similar to the 3rd movie. Freddy, Nancy, Rod, Donald Thompson, and Dr. Neil Gordon belong to Wes Craven and New Line Cinema. Everything else is mine. Takes place six years after the first movie.
Sixteen-year old Emily Davis drove down the road, making her way towards the school. As she did so, she got lost in the song that was playing on the radio.
Tina, I always thought you hung the moon.
Tina, you were taken from me way too soon.
Wish I had done something, wish I had tried.
Tina, you wouldn’t believe the tears that I’ve cried.
Man, he’s so good, Emily thought to herself. Rod Lane had one of the sexiest voices she had ever heard, even if the majority of his songs were totally morbid. All about pain and death. She wished she knew why.
Tina, I miss the feel of your hair.
The smell of your perfume,
The taste of your lips.
Tina, you knew me as me,
Ignored what the others thought they could see.
Tina. Oh, Tina.
Emily hummed along with the rest of the song as her eyes clouded in thought. He sounded like he was in so much pain, like he really missed the girl. I wonder what happened…how she died, she thought to herself. A few minutes later, she reached Elm Street High. She drove her car to the lot, parked her car, and then headed up the stairs. Then, she spotted a couple of her friends.
“Hey, guys,” she greeted.
“Hey, Em,” Jackson “Jack” Stivers acknowledged. His girlfriend Alicia Carter slung an arm around him.
“Hey, anyone seen Luke?” she questioned.
“Not yet,” was the response.
“Oh, but come on. It’s still early,” Emily reminded them.
“True,” they all agreed. Meanwhile, Lucas “Luke” Garrison carefully maneuvered his motorcycle into the school parking lot. After parking, he dismounted and then quickly made his way to his friends.
“Hey, Luke,” they chorused. He just grunted in acknowledgement.
“What’s up with you?” Emily questioned of her boyfriend.
“Rough night, that’s all,” Luke told her. Then, without giving them a chance to interrogate him further, he hurried away.
“What was that all about?” Alicia wondered. Jack and Emily shrugged. They couldn’t explain it either. Then, the first bell rang.
“Come on. Let’s get to class,” Emily suggested. With that, they all headed into the school. In class, Luke’s eyes clouded. He didn’t know what to do. The nightmare from the night before was still fresh in his mind. The silhouette of that guy, the screech of his knives…he shook his head in disgust. What was he thinking? It was just a stupid nightmare. It didn’t mean anything. And so his bed sheets had been a little ripped when he woke up. It happened. He forced himself to listen to the teacher. Her voice droned on and the boy found his eyelids drooping. He blinked and shook his head. He had to stay awake! He didn’t want to risk another nightmare. Luke almost scoffed at his internal struggle. He couldn’t believe he was so worried about some stupid dream he had. His eyelids closed and the teacher’s voice faded. Luke looked around. Where the heck was he? This wasn’t like the last nightmare. He didn’t recognize this place. Something scraped against a pipe with a loud scree, causing him to jump.
Who’s there?” he asked. There was a raspy chuckle. The strange, high-pitched noise came from another direction and the boy turned towards it. Okay, this was getting too weird for him. He heard the screech again, closer this time. He took off. From behind him, Luke heard a loud shout of triumph. Luke panted. He had to---he had to get out of here! He continued running.
Somebody help me!” he shouted. He heard someone laughing in a loud, booming voice. He looked over his shoulder---and ran into something! With a cry of surprise, Luke fell to the ground. There was a raspy chuckle, and the teen looked up. His eyes widened when he saw the figure. It was the same dude from his last nightmare! The man moved his right arm in a downward strike.
NOOOO!” Luke howled, raising an arm to block the attack.
“Luke!” Hearing Alicia’s voice, Luke’s eyes popped open. He turned to see the rest of his classmates staring at him.
“Are you okay? You were screaming like crazy,” Alicia stated.
“Yeah, it was just a bad dream,” Luke dismissed. He raked his hair with his fingers. He froze when something dripped onto his leather jacket. He followed his friends gaze to see blood.
“What the heck?” he questioned in confused fright.
“Oh, my gosh,” Emily said. Her eyes widened at the four cuts underneath his arm.
“How did this happen, man?” Jack wondered.
“He cut me,” Luke answered. “He cut me in my dream.”

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