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Originally Posted by phillyfan26 View Post
Not at all. I don't feel like I'm committing sin by eating blessed bread. I don't really feel the need to rationalize it.

The bottom line is that if I left the Church, I would break my mother's heart. She's said to me before that there's only two things she really hopes for me: that I keep going to church and that I don't become a politician.

It's not that I've lost faith in God, per se. It's more that I've lost faith in organized religion. But I don't feel I'm doing any harm to myself or others by attending masses with my family, accepting communion. And I don't feel like if I left I'd be making some big statement or anything.

When I go to college, I'll stop attending masses.
Its funny, when I told my parents recently that I wanted to check out a non-denominational church in Manhattan, they freaked out. They said I was "born" Catholic and Catholicism will always be my religion. I said, I am just a plain Christian and don't believe that any church is better than the other. My parents then told me to stay away from non-denominational churches because they really are all just cults.

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I greatly doubt whether this priest has even the canonical authority to issue this pronouncement.

However given the outlook of the current incumbent of the Vatican a blind eye will probably be turned.

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Originally Posted by melon View Post
This is beside the point. Even if you are an atheist, if over half of your country is being ordered how to vote and they see nothing wrong with not thinking for themselves, what do you get? Iraq.

Churches are not supposed to be in the business of choosing political parties, candidates, and voter intimidation, etc. as a condition for their tax exempt statuses. Perhaps it is time for the IRS to start enforcing these laws properly. If churches want to start endorsing candidates, then they had best start paying taxes, at the very least.
The problem I have with this is that you could find the same thing with unions, governmental institutions, charities, media, and artists. I'm sure many church goers voted for Obama. There are also branches of Christianity that allow homosexual marriages (Anglican). If every institution agrees to shut up then I would be okay with Churches shutting up. Most institutions were created with political help and they justify themselves with being loyal to those who gave them purpose. Also I don't think all people vote the same way in churches since there are different interpretations and you can find liberals and conservatives often in the same church. I would also include cherry picking of of portions of religious texts with no intent on consistency.

Eliminating tax exempt status to churches because of the political points of view they hold would force other charities to be put under the same scrutiny for political affiliation that would probably have unintended consequences. I've seen atheists and Marxists in particular act like they were on a pulpit much the same as the religious. I've included die hard atheists in the same level as the religious because humans can't get around having beliefs in theories. Even what's been considered fact by scientists could be politically manipulated theories posing as fact. It just boggles the mind what political consequences there could be if institutions were vetted for points of view. You would have to have an "Opinion Gestapo" to stop bias. It's better to have the different biases competing with each other and the general population to try and sift it out for themselves. If people choose to be zombies they will do so on either religious or secular alike.

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