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The Fly
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CobL backing video? (Sorry, wrong link last time)

Sorry, the link I gave last time was to a U2 clip I was watching, not the TribU2 one I meant to link to.

The actual video is here:

My question is the same: Where can you get the edited version of "Arrive" which both they and U2 are using? The original only has the lights going in one direction, and isn't as colourful as the U2 one...

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Hi there!

I am the bass player of TribU2 and I did all the video-work for our show.

I want to clarify something:
We use Backing Videos in our show for
City Of Blinding Lights
I will follow
Until the End Of The World
Sometimes You Cant Make It
Sunday Bloody Sunday
Bullet The Blue Sky
Where The Streets
Zoo Station
The Fly
Mysterious Ways

and the list is growing.

All this videos are rebuilt in various 3D and compositing programs, because you simply can't get the original videos U2 use in their show.

For example:
The airplane in Bullet was modeled, animated and rendered out in the 3D software Maya and the compositing was done in After Effects.
The walking person in Sometimes is a hand-painted animation. I simply drawed 60 frames in Photoshop just to get it look like the original.
All the Vertigo Animations are rebuilt from scratch in Adobe Flash.....

I have studied hundreds of bootlegs to get the animations right and I have spent probably the same amount of time as all tribute guitarists put to get their sound right. But I think it pays, because there are a lot of great tribute bands around, but I have yet to see one, that gets their video show right

Well - just to answer your questions:
We don't have the original Cobl Video.
It is based on "Arrive" but heavily altered to make it look like the one U2 uses live.

I hope you understand that we are not willing to share our videos, because it simply was such a huge amount of work.

If you have any other questions, let me know.

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The stage videos are seem to be quite jealously guarded bu Principle management. I think the commentary for "HMKMHMKM" music video touches on this subject.
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