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Achtung Baby Working Tapes Tab

Looking for a guitar tab for this demo tape, "Chances Away".
I love that guitar sound and I love Bono's voice in the beginning of this demo! Love the melody, love everything!! Anyone know what song this eventually evolved into - besides UTEOTW, which if obvious from that riff in the middle.

Anyone have tabs or anything to help me out?


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Trying to sound like the stone roses!

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Per Danny Lanois (in his book "Soul Mining"), it was Bono that came up with the "...End of the World" guitar riff.

If you listen to "Salome'" or any of the other bootlegs of the AB sessions, you hear that riff in a few different songs as they looked for a 'home' for it.
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oh that's cool!

Bono once said that he can't read/write musical notation and it's a big frustration...

then you get the lines in "breath"
"..... running down the road like loose electricty....
while the band in my head plays a strip tease..."

since i heard that line i've always wondered whether it's a reference to that partuclary lack of ability

( i also have melodies occasionally that at least some of the time - I think are mine and not some forgotten snippet from someone else
's work. I no longer can read music.. < my reccent attempts in the last 5 yrs, eh>.... I made my own litle notation thing but since I could never set the key either.....

how ever when I fine my digital tuner I might try to work with that and my electric KB ior guitar some day.
and when i can acess Gararge Band another possible future tool....

i would be amazed/ near if I actaully couldd write a few good tunes! utterly grateful!
I am a < multi-disiplined> visual artist . ART is awesome. And so is MUSIC .

I woul;d guess that since i am trained in art - i have some idea of what I am doing! It's both talent/ learned techniques/imagination and Mystery!
I'd say for Music there is more of a Mystery factor - so i probably react the way I do towards any ability I might have in r4ealtionship to coming up with music!
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