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-Being in Hawaii for the last U2 show of this tour
-Meeting Interferencers and hanging out
-Finding the nicest guy in the world - Darryl
-Maddy getting pulled up on stage for SBS

- Getting on the rail
- Being a foot from Bono, pointing at my wife for fun to get him to notice her, seeing Bono look right at us through his shades & seeing him smile at me being silly
- Getting 2nd row in Auckland
- One Tree Hill -- and the reaction of myself, Axver, and everyone around us
- Bad on 2006-10-20
- Seeing Kite live
- Quite simply, the whole experience of the 3 shows I got to see

Hearing the boys soundcheck Bad before Melbourne I as we walked onto the concourse from the train station (at that moment I realised it was really happening!)

Sharing two fantastic shows with my family who had never seen U2 live before

Hearing Kite live twice :drool:

Hearing Bad live :drool:

Oh... and meeting Bono with my daughter after 23 years of being a fan and never in my wildest dreams expecting to be that lucky

...and being a tiny part of this place that makes it all so much more fun :)
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Bad / singing 40
Until The End Of The World
I Will Follow
The Fly
Acoustic Walk On
Angel of Harlem
Desire....hell, i ought to just post up the setlists.

Hearing songs i never expected to hear in my life (Kite, Bad, Walk On, Angel, Desire....the rarities and ones introduced on the last leg)

The Vertigo Tour in my home stadium.

Hearing OTH and the start of COBL outside Mt Smart soundchecks

Oh great ocean, oh great sea...
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What a wonderful thread!

My memories:

*Hearing "Gloria" and "Bad" at the Continental Arena 5/18, then going back to the hotel where I was staying, having a nice hotel employee open the office area for me, and telling my peeps at the Setlist Party all about what I'd just seen! Meeting Ruffian before the show as we were waiting for the band to arrive at the soundcheck...which they had over an hour earlier!

*October tickets for that show, but I'd wandered to MSG to say hi to Ruff. I met Headache, Dazz, Rambling Rose and a bunch of other Interlanders...and wound up two feet from Bono as he chatted and shook hands with loads of fans. Those blue eyes...and for once he was wearing clear shades so I got a fantastic look at them!

*October 8...shaking Adam's hand after waiting 1-1/2 hours by MSG in the worst rainstorm I'd ever seen. Having him give me the biggest amused grin, probably because he'd never seen anyone so soaked! Wandering to Kmart afterwards to buy dry clothes. Mary J. Blige joining in on "One." Singing happy birthday to Gavin Friday. Text messaging the setlist for my Setlist Party peeps. Singing the band off the stage with 20,000 other fans..."How long to sing this song?" Amazing. Just amazing. My personal favorite show of the tour.

*October 14, MSG...Bono announcing "Fast Cars" with "the only place you can hear it--is LIVE!" as he ran down a ramp.

*November 21, MSG...second year in a row I'd seen U2 on the Monday before Thanksgiving. Nearly combusting with joy as they sang "Instant Karma" with Patti Smith. Feeling sad that it was my last show of the tour, but satisfied as well.

I can't wait to do it all over again!!!
Hearing the soundcheck friday for COBL and realizing this is what I've been waiting for

Edge wink and smile at me during I will follow

Having Edge perform Mysterious ways right in front of me. This was the first song that I loved from them when I was a little girl.I took one too many pictures during this time (*cough* 7) but I'm glad I did. Every time I hear the song now I have the BIGGEST smile.

I NEVER expected to make eye contact with Larry!! This pic was right around when he looked over.

Hawaii was totally worth the wait
There are so many but I'll have to say it was San Jose 1. Paul McGuinness came up to me in GA and gave me a bracelet for the bomb shelter. This was my first time volunteering for The ONE Campaign. I couldn't even go into GA until COBL started so I didn't think I had have a good spot at all. Little did I know what a fantastic night I'd be having!
Seeing a friend get on stage to play Party Girl

Seeing a friend get up and dance to Fast Cars. "Speak Spanish to me baby".

Seeing a smaller friend get on stage for SBS. :wink:

How about just going to my first show ever?

Meeting all kinds of crazy people standing or sitting in line. I love GA
- Laura playing Party Girl (know each other since we were 4)

- Discotheque in Chicago

- first acoustic Walk On in Chicago

- my first ellipse/front rail experience with Miroslava and April in Pittsburgh

- Bono looking at me and saying something to me in Pittsburgh

- chanting EDGE EDGE EDGE in Auburn Hills and having Edge play basically on top of us

- making a VERY impromptu drive to St. Louis (9 hours away) without GA tickets and being able to have a blast on the floor (assuming this was my last show)

- being able to use our honeymoon as an excuse and going to the Hawaii show

- meeting some crazy and cool new people

- all the amazing favors done for me throughout the tour (rides, help getting tickets, places to crash or shower)
- March 2005: flying out to the west coast at the last minute to see the opener. driving up to LA the day before with friends, hanging around the Staples Center and running into random people i hadn't seen since 2001, eventually being let into the arena to see the rehearsal show with a bunch of other diehards.

- LA Rehearsal: seeing the confetti fall for the first time during COBL at the rehearsal. seeing Bono bang on the LAPOE drum for the first time, and hearing the opening chords to Zoo Station live for the first time since 1992 when i attended the Outside Broadcast tour.

- Chicago 5/10: being front and center on the rail inside the ellipse for bono's birthday show.

- NYC 5/21: having no tickets and waiting in the ticket drop line starting at 5 am. got 2 GAs at 8:45 pm, ran into MSG just as COBL was starting. jumped around back by the soundboard next to paul mcguinness for about 30 seconds, then got slapped with an ellipse wristband by one of the security guys. danced and sang with 3 of my closest friends inside the ellipse all night. (this might have been my favorite show of the tour!)

- NYC 11/21: touching Adam's bass. :drool: seeing Patti Smith. :drool: bono singing a verse of 'bad' right in front of me :drool:
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Got Philk? said:
Seeing a friend get on stage to play Party Girl

Seeing a friend get up and dance to Fast Cars. "Speak Spanish to me baby".

Seeing a smaller friend get on stage for SBS. :wink:

How about just going to my first show ever?

Meeting all kinds of crazy people standing or sitting in line. I love GA

aww shux! :hug:
Hearing Electric Co on opening night in San Diego and being in shock. Then hearing An Cat Dubh/Into the Heart and being even more shocked (emotional).

Hearing All I Want is You close the tour out after a great trip to Hawaii.

Meeting a handful of interference users at different venues.

Being one row back from the front of the stage at MSG, being THAT close to The Edge. Apparently, Ruffian and Ally were 15 feet away from me that night and I never even saw them. :)
- Salt Lake City Show GA line at 5am watching snow fall, and wishing I wore an extra pair of socks. Got to shake Adam's hand that night which was really cool.

- Hawaii.
1. London. 18/06. Seeing the huge stage for the first time and watching the ZooStation intro with B-man's silouhette on the screen (I didn't see any zootv shows(.
2. London. 19/06. Hearing Whose gonna ride your wild horses for the very first time.
3. Croke Park. 24/06. Queued all day in the rain, got a place on the left B-stage, Bono sang WWRYWH right there in front of me, I can see myself in the videos going around. (SECOND BEST MOMENT OF TOUR).
4. Vienna. 02/07. Sargent Pepper's snippet. City of Blinding Lights, and Electric Co. I was on Edge's catwalk, Electric Co. blew my mind.
5. Paris. 09/07. She's a Mystery to me snippet!!!! A see of white balloons down in the GA.
6. Milan. 20/07. Original of the species. with string section. edge on guitar. you've seen the dvd. (BEST MOMENT OF TOUR). Also the Hi Bob sign.
7. Monterrey. 12/02. BAD!!!!!! Cielito Lindo!!! Latin American Flags during streets!
8. Mexico City. 15/02. Bono wearing Mexican Flag Jacket!!.
9. Mexico City. 16/02. Fast Cars!!!!!
10. Honolulu. 09/12. Billy Joe durign Saints are coming!!!!!!! The entire Vertigo Tour dates during wake up was really cool too. Saw a lot of faces in the GA line that looked familiar.

The Vertigo Tour was an amazing experience, i am ever so thankful to god that the universe moved itself around so that i somehow managed to see 10 dates, on three different parts of the world. Milan and Mexico City 2 were the most amazing shows of those ten. I do hope larry is telling the truth. See you soon all!!!!!! What an amazing two years!
Hawaii was the best show ever!

1. During MW, Adam kneeled down and I touched his hand. I looked him in his sexy blue eyes and told him " I really love you" He said " I love you too". I started screaming like a banshee and jumping up and down. He took off as I watched his fine arse head up the ramp.

2. Durning Steets, Adam let me touch the bass!

3. I got rail in Hawaii!! My first time in a staduim and my first trip to Hawaii.

4. I met the most wonderful U2 fans. U2 fans are the best!

5. I spent a day on the beach with Edge. I only said "hi"breifly because he was with his children but he was very nice to me. I was only about five to ten feet away from him for about 4 hours. I sat next to him the nanny and the kids on the train ride back to the resort center.

6. I saw Bono having drinks and chain smoking. John promised me we could chat with him but he stood us up.

7. I got to sing Pride( in the name of love) in a stadium at the top of my lungs and it brought me to tears.
4. Scanning ellipse with my tickets both nights in Vegas.
3. Adam winking at me.
2. Adam laughing at me when he saw me yawn next to Mandy dancing.
1. Adam grabbing my ass.
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bfloxng said:
4. Scanning ellipse with my tickets both nights in Vegas.
3. Adam winking at me.
2. Adam laughing at me when he saw me yawn next to Mandy dancing.
1. Adam grabbing my ass.

You forgot one:

Licking Bonosweat off my hand after Cleveland.

:| :barf:

bfloxng said:
4. Scanning ellipse with my tickets both nights in Vegas.
1. Adam grabbing my ass.

:shifty: I think it would be the other way around.:eyebrow:
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In no particular order :sexywink::

1) Meeting a woman I am pretty sure I will spend the rest of my life with as I sat in the GA line in Minneapolis

2) Vegas, baby. VEGAS(2). Finally meeting my dear friend lowercase. Interference fun with a bunch of SoCal interlanders! Amazing show with Brandon Flowers and Maty J. Blige joining in.

3) After 20+ years of fandom, having the Edge four feet away outside of the venue in Minneapolis

4) Front of the rail in Detroit with Schmeg, Kariann, ARW9797, LMPA and Miroslava

5) Hanging with ~LadyLemon~ for GA for the first Spring Chicago show (hitting the GA line after a Cubs game). Also had the honor of meeting Chizip!

6) The whole Interference experience in Philly (DaveC, Mrs. Edge, Pax, Diemen, Ewen, Cydewaze, LMPA, Headache)

7) Seeing Eep and Stories for Boys at every show I was at (or pretty close to it).

8) Boston in december! I got to see how a GA line is properly run - saw the show alongside Mrs. Edge - and got to meet some cool Interferencers (Dreadsox, Digsy, popmartjin, BostonAnne, she is raging).

9) Honolulu - probably one of my top three all time shows! Maddy getting up on stage, ending with All I want is You - another great group of Interferencers!

10) The tour ending with larry speaking! :)

My only true bummer: Between Elevation and Vertigo, I had five GA experiences, but I have not been inside the ellipse/heart ONCE. :(

My take on all of the shows...Interference has truly enhanced my U2 experiences. THANK YOU fellow Interferencers!
nurse chrissi said:
loads of great moments but one of my favorites thus far would have to be standing in the ellipse at the rail with 4 other very cool members of interference (you all know who you are). Being able to experience the show so close to the band with people who are just as big of fans as you are is one of the best experiences of the tour

a close second - at a the night before a show with a bunch of interference people - some of the crew are there as well - the video for Sunday Bloody Sunday come on the screens and the whole place goes just a little bit quite - then you start hearing some snickering and one of the crew members (in an Irish accent) saying quite loudly "what a bunch of bloody idiots" -with love of course

:love: and at that show being so close to Edge. The man is amazing

-being on the rail twice :hyper:
-Larry's bday :cute:
-Vegas 2 :combust:
-having other interferencers teach me how to play blackjack
-Meeting so many great people< really that was the best part
(in chronological order)

Getting in to the final dress rehearsal in Los Angeles

Pulling a killer tape opening night (and all the website hoopla 12 hours later when I upped it)

Getting into the Elipse my only time on 4/14/05

Brandon Flowers in Vegas

Watching it all end a year and a half after it started in Hawaii

Worst tour moment = Walking out of Los Angeles 1 in the Fall, checking my DAT and realizing I put in a 2 hour tape instead of a 3 hour tape, missing the entire encore and Exit Girls performance.
-meeting so many interferencers on this tour
-May 7th, 2005 being my first show ever
-May 9th, 2005 inside the ellipse in front of adam with some amazing people from interference.
-Hearing all the songs I wanted to hear on this tour.
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