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Nov 11, 2004
I want to know any details now that it’s opening night .

Lobby. Food. Wristbands. GA size. Seats. Sound. Bathrooms.
A few tid bits:

Water & Soft Drinks $7
Wine $20
Domestic beers $18
Premium beers $19

Pedestrian bridge from Venetian to Sphere seems to be messy and outdoor approach might be better?

Different merch at venue than at Zoo Station
Looks better with people in the seats, but standing up and then when they reach to grab Elvis or whatever, I predict many people will tumble.
Just saw clip of the robot in lobby... it's 2023, they should be able to kill us by now.
I was in the 300 level - got there at about 7:15 took a cab and they were able to drop us right outside the sphere (opposite the strip side I guess) entry from the outside was simple, the line moved really fast - they were not looking a purse sizes etc.

Plenty of bathrooms no real lines, getting a drink was simple, didn’t really check what food options there are I will pay more attention tonight lol honestly for the opening night of a venue everything ran perfectly. Going to be in the 100 section tonight so excited to see the difference if any. It’s a mind blowing amazing show and can’t wait to do it all again tonight!!
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I want to know any details now that it’s opening night .

Lobby. Food. Wristbands. GA size. Seats. Sound. Bathrooms.
GA comes through a side entrance so didn't see the lobby.

There is a full bar downstairs behind the floor. One small gripe is that the sound does not travel. You go back to the bar or the bathroom and you can't hear anything anymore, probably because of the advanced speakers and the beam forming whatever. They should pump the sound into speakers.

Lots of room on the floor. We went to Adam's side about 10-15 feet from the stage. Probably could have gotten even closer, especially if you want to get real close to the screen. Might try that tonight.

They had snacks at the bar behind the stage but not anything of actual substance. Just like candy and chips and shit. Not sure what it was like for the seats.

Beers were expensive as shit as was posted above. No cash, all card. I didn't see one of the reverse ATM deals.

Exiting was fairly simple, even after stopping in the bathroom. The bridge back to Venetian is absolutely packed, but it moves fairly quickly. But if you don't like being in a tight space with a ton of people it might be better off if you walked outside.

Once we got back to Venetian it was like a normal Friday night in the casino. Packed, sure. But everyone went their own way so it wasn't overwhelmingly crowded like that bridge was.

Venetian and Palazzo are absolutely massive properties. I kinda forgot how big they were as I hadn't spent much time there the last few times I was in Vegas.

Getting out to the strip - it was just a normal Vegas weekend night. Didn't get a cab, but the cab line didn't look that crazy when we walked past. If I did need one I think I'd probably just walk to another hotel first just to be clear of all the people.

If you know your way around Vegas it's not a big deal getting out of there quickly.
Great info, Headache. So GA is totally separated just like MSG... that's the plus and downside because I would want to check out the venue for first time there... but these are white people problems.

Also, not that I won't eat before and after show -- but I would like at least a hot dog option nearby always.

Maybe it's a GA choices so people don't throw shit, drop shit or puke (which the guy did before show).
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I was able to go up an escalator to a seats level to find a (tiny) merch stand. No merch in GA.

So you can escape!

The stage and layout and GA things I've heard was the band saying KEEP THOSE LINE IDIOTS AWAY FROM US AND ANY CHANCE THEY MIGHT THROW SOMETHING AT US ON STAGE.
Seriously -- did anyone notice the overhang??? Or were you too busy touching your own underhang from excitement???
And there were a bunch of weirdos by me in ga, lady leaning on me during the dj, lady trying to use my head to steady her phone, wtf. Not an “oops, sorry” to be heard.
The place looks huge, but also small in a way... how did it feel, people in seat wise? Did it fill the same size as MSG? Bigger? Just online it felt like a really big movie theater
Nice to see Bob Kraft there. That's Gayle King too(she was asking on the CBS Morning Show after the segment to go to see U2 and use the CBS private jet, guess that worked). Looks like Maria Shriver next to her.

I would love to see Lady Gaga go to one, she's doing her jazz and piano show again at the Park MGM these days. Wish I could afford to see that again along with U2, Adele is the other one. Would be nice to be rich.

I would love to see Taylor at the U2 show too
Hey guys, btw, they don’t seem too strict about entry. Merch bags are allowed, people snuck in snacks, etc. I did get wanded both times for my belt, but it was a slow enough entry process in GA that the delay didn’t lose my place or anything.

The pic is sideways but I can’t be bothered


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GA looked kind of crowded last night. Looks a bit more chill today?
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