US Politics XXXVI: Special Masters of our Domain

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Progress is slow and there’s plenty working against it, but it’s there.

Compare Georgia’s lean to any of the 5 states I mentioned.

Arizona went blue. New Mexico went blue. Florida is always a hairline short. North Carolina. Texas trends the same way Georgia has.

What makes you think Georgia is a progressive place? Because it voted for the democrats? It’s just like all the areas around it. Voters showed up. That’s the difference.
one of the CNN talking heads just made a very good point that for the members who flew back to DC tonight from dealing with personal issues, this bait-and-switch move was especially cruel.
Clam down.

It’s entirely normal and in fact healthy for a democracy to threaten to wreck the global economy every time a certain party comes into power.

Didn’t you guys see Hamilton? Geez.

Was that the play about George Santos ?
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