US Politics XXXV: My Insurrection Lasted More Than 4 Hours

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If Trump shared any of these classified documents with foreign countries, the penalty is life in prison or the death penalty (which is legal in Florida).

Just for some fun I switched over to Fox after the warrant came out just to see how uncomfortable they might be.

Shockingly none. In fact in the 3 minutes I could stomach, the guest/lawyer said that it's baffling and these documents solidify that this was a political move by the Justice Dept.
They didn't list all of the types of documents, they skipped over the Top Secret and the batch that were above Top Secret.

They really clamped onto the binders of photos. They said that this just shows they were just grabbing anything out of spite, and of course because there was two days from the signed warrant to the execution that it shows that nothing Trump had was important at all.
Also, they say that Trump still has the "highest security clearance" and that there are definitely rooms at Mara a lago that Trump could go in and shut the door and review these documents. :lol::D:lol::D:lol: just amazing stuff
To be clear, there’s no such thing as higher than top secret. Just additional marking for need-to-know exclusion.

Anyways, there’s zero reason this type of information should be at Mar-a-Lago. Highly suspicious that it is.

The ridiculousness of this goes even further. One of his lawyers now says that Trump was so committed to his job, and being the studious person that he is, would regularly take documents home with him to read and study before meetings the next day. So he made a standing order that anything he took home was automatically‘unclassified’. :lol:

The lawyer of course not taking into account that to unclassify something takes going through a whole process that could take days, weeks or even months, and then all documents would have their markings changed, and be marked unclassified.

Oh, and that Trump reads. :lol:

I think one interesting thing is - who helped Trump get this stuff out? You don’t just accidentally take 32 boxes of material containing classified and top secret material. Even not accidentally, Trump in no way could have done this himself.

I cant imagine the kid in a candy store feelings that a sociopath like Trump would have, having access to this stuff and knowing he could pass it along to Putin or Un in order to ensure their help in the next election.

The amount of twisting and bending people continue to do to desperately try and find any way to justify and excuse everything Trump's done and is doing is just... The mind truly boggles.

But nope. Totally not a cult at all, naaaaaaah.

Lock him up.

I honestly continue to wonder how the hell he hasn't been arrested yet simply given how utterly shitty he is at trying to cover his tracks. The guy admits to a crime practically every time he opens his mouth, and I've heard about how these boxes were literally labelled with stuff like, "top secret/classified documents" and the like. Way to ensure nobody will ever look there, guys! Sheesh.

Given all the talk about Trump being investigated for potentially breaking the Espionage Act and the discussion of what kinds of material he was sharing with people like Putin and the Saudis and such, I wonder if we'll learn that any of these documents are connected to that mysterious meeting Trump and Putin had a few years back, the details of which nobody else was ever privy to. I hope so.
The problem is the law. It seems set up to let fat cats and people in power of the hook easily.
Because it all hinges on "intent." Trump blackmailed the Ukranian president. No question.

Defense - But, he didn't mean to.
Prosecutor - shit. ok, I guess that's the end of that.

Has troves of top secret documents.

But did he really know he had them, did he even know they were important. His intent wasn't to do anything bad with them.

Ok, you're right, if he says so, I guess that's it.

It's like walking into a bank, saying give me all the money. The cops catch you and you say, No, I was saying give me all MY money. I have an account here. I didn't mean for them to give me all this money, how was I to know how much was in my account.

Tell me how that goes for ya.
these boxes were literally labelled with stuff like, "top secret/classified documents" and the like. Way to ensure nobody will ever look there, guys! Sheesh.

That the boxes and their contents are labelled declaring the level of secrecy is perfectly normal, and not really an issue as they are supposed to be stored in secure locations. What's ridiculous is that Trump and his minions are now trying to have people believe that there's nothing to see here, that he somehow acted perfectly legal, and anyway, it's not really a problem that he took these boxes because there is an imaginary standing order for boxes planted by the FBI.

I'm not really surprised that these contradictory statements are being put out there, though. It's exactly the same strategy Putin is employing so successfully: Don't deny, just put out so many different explanations that people get confused what may be true and what may be false. The problem here is, though, that the criminal investigation is already ongoing.
Guys, TIL from right wing media that President Trump can declassify documents *with his mind* — if he thinks it’s declassified, it’s declassified. Even if the documents were planted by the FBI.
This strategy does seem to work. I have friends and even family back in Iowa that are so tired of it they just prefer he goes away. They'd love for justice to be served, but trying to follow the bullshit is exhausting for most who don't really like to follow politics or events.

Part of me thinks, tough??? I get it's mentally exhausting to keep up with lies or the slow process of the law, but what's coming down the road if GQP regain power will make current times seem like a breeze.

On top of that, a climate report came out stating that within three decades over 100million people will be exposed to extreme heat, pushing 125+ degrees. From North Texas through the middle of the country / heartland.
The Rudy biographical movie is going to be fire.

Come on... Prosecutor battles the mob, gets elected mayor, appears on Seinfeld, aborted senatorial run due to cancer, 9/11, goes batshit crazy, helps get a president impeached twice, touches himself in a Borat sequel, helps lead a coup, dies in jail.

Somebody call Scorsese's church. This shits gold, Jerry. Gold.

One moron forgot to put the word democratic before the word republic. Other than being terrifying. Does anyone ask what their alternative is that they would have instead of a democratic republic? Just calling it a REPUBLIC!!!! doesn't mean anything. Sooooo no more voting? Or just fake voting like in China and Russia? Not sure what they're driving at here.
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