US Airways plane crashes in Hudson River

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I still can't believe all those people just standing on the wings of the plane as it floats. That's one of the most amazing, improbable pictures I've ever seen.
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planes just terrify me. I think its the feeling of 'no control' and that your life is in someone else's hands.

Which is tough for us control freaks hehe. This is pretty morbid but I guess on some level I've always thought of dying in a plane crash as fairly quick and painless (hard impact fireball type of thing). Lots of situations where that's not at all the case but it makes all the flying I do easier for sure.

Even stranger is that my brother is a pilot so I've flown with him in 2-seat cessnas hanging out the window taking pics, having him do zero gravity maneuvers and other adrenaline rush stuff, only it was when he handed steering control of the plane over to me and I could feel the plane move in my control, I was TERRIFIED.

The 'no control' feeling I get on a bridge (far worse when I'm the passenger) is that sinking in a car would be slow torture - even though there are escape and survival's more a fear of drowning and the horror of slow anticipation.
Just doing it in good nature though. I understand the fear. :)

I checked back through the fatal incidents since 2002, and there has only been three incidents in the U.S. where airline passengers died. All were on smaller regional aircraft (two on turbo props and one jet). A total of under 80 people. By no means do I want to minimalize that number or those deaths, but when you figure that around 580 million people fly each year in the US, 80 seems like a pretty insignificant number. Your chances at winning the lottery are better!

I have a friend who won't fly because of a bad experience he had years ago (people were bracing for a crash-landing, and it all turned out fine, but the passengers were not at all calm, there was crying and a fair amount of hysteria). But his job requires that he travel quite a bit so he drives across the country all the time. Last summer after another cross-country drive, he ended up in the emergency room with a life-threatening blood clot in his lung which the doctors attributed to too much driving. He almost died avoiding flying.

I grew up flying in my dad's small plane and have always been comfortable flying. Bridges and water are another story. :uhoh:
its like Dennis Bergkamp (best football player ever)

He had a bad experience at world cup 1994 in usa where his plane had a hijack threat so since then he has not flown and whilst he was playing football he missed so many games away from the UK

Shame as he was a legend
Landing at Oakland International always makes me a little nervous, because all the passengers on one side of the plane see for a while is the plane getting closer and closer to the water. It's really only the last 5-10 seconds that the runway comes into view.
I know Ian would like this picture...a shot of the A320 in the Hudson with the planes on the deck of the USS Intrepid (SP?) Museum in the foreground:


As soon as I heard of this, I was amazed at WHERE the pilot landed. You have to be somewhat familiar with the NY area and where the Hudson is in relation to LaGuardia. Pretty impressive...especially knowing he had to clear George Washington Bridge "on final."

ha, wow.

having had a look on google maps, that's quite an abbreviated circuit they must have flown. i'm not an expert on the george washington bridge, but i would have thought they'd have cleared it with ease.

some of the photos of this look like comical photoshop efforts, it's hard to believe it's real.
That pilot is The Dude.

Don't get me wrong, credit to all others involved but the pilot...Obama needs to invite him to his first State of the Union address. 5 minute standing ovation.
That pilot is The Dude.

Don't get me wrong, credit to all others involved but the pilot...Obama needs to invite him to his first State of the Union address. 5 minute standing ovation.

great suggestion!!

I was thinking -- a ticker tape parade in NYC for him...... yeah I know those things cost money............

OK Nyc'rs & at least N Jersians along the stretch of the Hudson facing NYC!! from poorrish to rich..................

someone should set up a site to pay for it but it should
people can send 25 cents, 1.00 , 5.00 10.00 25> etc up to what ever somesone(s) want to contribute!!
Is that guy a stand up guy or what? He was worried about his library book.. I just love that.

He'll be on 60 Minutes, I think this weekend but I'm not sure. I guess ESPN actually got to him first and interviewed him a bit.

"Miracle on the Hudson" pilot gets extension on overdue library book

Most Americans take their library privileges seriously. A recent Zogby poll found just six out of a hundred people confessed to not returning library books. KPCC’s Special Correspondent Kitty Felde found one library patron who’s more conscientious than most.

Kitty Felde: Chesley Sullenberger has a problem. He borrowed a book from the Danville Library – and it’s overdue. To complicate matters, the book was an interlibrary loan from Fresno State.

Sullenberger contacted librarians and asked for an extension on the loan and a waiver on the overdue fine. The reason? The book is in the cargo hold of the US Airways plane that made an emergency landing last month in New York’s Hudson River. Sullenberger is the pilot who made that landing. No one was seriously injured.

Fresno State library officials were impressed with Sullenberger’s sense of responsibility… and waived all fines and fees, even the one for losing the book. The library’s going one step further: when the replacement book goes up on the shelf, it will have a special template in front, dedicating it to Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger.

Oh, by the way. The topic of that book? Professional ethics.
That would be wrong if they fined him for the book. Good decision on the libraries part.
As an Aussie, I was most taken with the fact that the flight's call name was Cactus+number. Cactus in Australian vernacular means something's totally stuffed/fucked/dead/etc..... :lol:
I am very fearful of flying.

Those pictures are so strange and out of the ordinary that they actually scare me.
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