U2 Purple Vinyl: Real or Fake? You decide!

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Apr 12, 2010
Hi everyone, I am selling my purple u2 vinyl.

if you are interested in this please let me know! joe.

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anyways yeah ....50% real...50% fake! you decide. its a u2 box of mysteries!

we are trying to sell this piece of u2 memorabilia to get to U2 concerts this summer. don't really care how much is sells for, just as long as it helps out.
I dont know if its fake or real...dont really care at this point, ive been trying to sell it for 5 months! now, anything goes. if its real then its a steal! but if you find out its fake then it can make a great purple frisbee, or even some wall art!

no advertising via ebay!

no proof has been shown to me that this is fake. a lot of the points are speculation from worried u2 fans, but most of their arguments don't make sense. if you want more info, contact me! :applaud::wave::hyper::love::hmm::reject::sexywink::drool::sad:
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uh, as sicy just said in the post above, we do not allow ANY advertising via ebay. you cannot post links, search items, or anything like that. the only selling we allow on this forum is for you to sell it through the forum.
oh ok I wont advertise via ebay again. If anyone is interested in helping out some young u2 fans fund their way to a u2 show please help us just search for it! thanks u2 fans!

If you're making a mystery whether it's real or fake, you're not really advertising for yourself dude. Just talking this way makes it clear it's 100% fake and nobody is stupid enough to fall for that. :|
coolian2 nope sorry I (nor my friends) use youtube to do that sort of stuff. sorry to disappoint you!

galeongirl (?) - its a mystery because i cant prove its real and no one can prove its fake. your argument doesnt make sense...the vinyl is just "in limbo". trust me ive had a little more time to research this stuff than you have. conclusion? i dont care anymore and dont want to waste my time figuring it out. I'm not really here to "advertise" it as genuine because i dont know if it is! your argument is just speculation so im sorry to say you are wrong! :sexywink:
Uh you're the one speculating here. It's very easy to figure out whether a vinyl is real or fake. There's plenty of websites where you can check the authenticity. So it's easy to prove whether it's fake or not. Conclusion? You're the one making this a mystery which is completely unnecessary.
out of curiosity, what is this purple vinyl of? zooropa would make the most sense since the cover has a lot of purple on it, but you never know. i have tons of coloured/marble vinyl and the colour sometimes has nothing to do with the cover.
out of curiosity, what is this purple vinyl of? zooropa would make the most sense since the cover has a lot of purple on it, but you never know. i have tons of coloured/marble vinyl and the colour sometimes has nothing to do with the cover.

All I Want is You.
I checked on U2Wanderer. There IS a limited edition purple pressing of it :shrug:

^ Thanks for proving my point above. As I said, easy to check if it's legit or not. :)

And why a purple AIWIY. :lol: It'd make sense for indeed Zooropa or a Pop Track. But AIWIY? Purple?
yes it is U2s All I Want Is You! Its Australian. No Galeongirl sorry again it is not as simple as checking whether or not it is a fake.
#1 only 100 have been produced ever, #2 it was produced and mixed in australia in 1989, 20 years ago. comparing with others is hard to do...matrix numbers are impossible/difficult to determine whether they are authentic (again, how does one know, you would have to ask a production engineer), what constitutes an authentic matrix sequence etc, how far apart run out grooves are, how many grooves there are, what tint of purple coloring, the label color, etc. even my evaluation was worthless because the record company wasnt able to tell if it was real, b/c of only 100 being ever produced!

it goes on and on trust me I have been researching this for the last 5 months. People will ask me questions I cant answer, such as whether or not the matrix number is authentic. how does anyone know? i dont know! so that is why I am selling it as is. all it takes is speculation that a rare record like this is fake and then look I can't sell it.
it is valued at what $2300 or something. look at mine $10 so far. that is the power of speculation. but what can I do there is nothing else i can do.

i just want to go see u2. the record is no good to me really so that is why we are selling it to get $ to see u2 in concert! :wave:
oh i see what you're getting at. i figured you meant fake as in the whole thing didn't exist. :doh: i had something like that as well, hand numbered, very very limited edition. it kinda fell into my lap and i had no interest in keeping it so i sold it, hoping to make like a $20 profit. i had people asking me to authenticate and photograph so much shit, and i was trying to avoid handling it just to keep it in mint condition. like you said, some things just can't be authenticated! at least not over the internet. at least in person the interested party can look at the item and determine if they think it's real.
to the u2 admins - thanks for leaving this thread up! it sold for well more than we expect. honestly we thought we were going to get about $20 for it but apparently people want it so. We are going to throw in more money and spend the money raised to get some VIP tickets for a U2 show. money well spent thanks again u2 admins. maybe we'll post about the experience! :wave::D:heart::shifty:
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