Top 10 Best things of Vertigo Tour

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Bono's haircut :drool:

But seriously...

The return of Electric Co. and Gloria among others. S'all I can think of right now, but it's a darn good one.
1. The new kickass version of The Fly
2. The best encore opener ever - Zoo Station. At its best it sounded even better than on ZooTV; the stadium visuals were very cool, especially Bono posing as The Fly and looking devilishy into the camera
3. The new and the best version of Discotheque ever
4. The Electric Co., which rocked the house
5. Running To Stand Still was beautiful, especially the Seattle II version (where Bono shows he can play the guitar a bit) and the Amsterdam ones (with the breathtaking Amazing Grace snippet)
6. Love and Peace or Else proved to be a fabulous live song
7. The three openers in the 1st leg; City of Blinding Lights is one of the best U2 openers
8. The WTF comebacks or premieres: An Cat Dubh/Into the Heart, The Ocean, Gloria, 40, Miss Sarajevo, Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses, The First Time
9. The longer shows
10.One Tree Hill!!!

Honorable mention: a vast improvement on the ATYCLB songs; especially Kite, Stuck in a Moment (the acoustic version is million miles better) and Walk On (both acoustic and electric with a new solo). Elevation was tolerable.
3. Finally returning to New Zealand
4. An Cat Dubh/Into The Heart
5. Bono's singing during Miss Sarajevo
6. Bono's Love And Peace Or Else drumming
7. Incredibly rocking version of The Fly
8. The First Time
9. Gloria
10. Stories For Boys snippet in Vertigo
The confetti baptism of the City of Blinding Lights opening

Bad with People Got the Power

Sharing the set of the shows we weren't able to attend at Interference Set Parties where we'd hear some digital feedback that were at times mistaken for actual U2 songs. With improvements of technology, next tour we should have live video each night.

Hearing Wake Up before each show and instantly going into :hyper: mode.

The surprise of opening with LAPOE in Anaheim 1:drool:
01 - The Electric Co
02 - The Electric Co
03 - The Electric Co
04 - The Electric Co
05 - The Electric Co
06 - The Electric Co
07 - The Electric Co
08 - The Electric Co
09 - The Electric Co
10 - The Electric Co

In other words : The Electric Co:wink:

Cheers ,


p.s. getting blown away by 3 :drool: performances of The Electric Co in Amsterdam was just total U2 heaven!!!!
1) Miss Sarajevo- Bono's vocals are just so damn good
2) Electric Co.- The band's energy on the Chicago DVD is just what we were hoping for, right?
3) City of Blinding Lights- It was one of the best moments of my life, seeing "wake up" become COBL and having the lights go up with the confetti
2. Wake Up intro
3. In a Little While with Brandon Flowers
4. Miss Sarajevo
5. The hair cut... even though I didnt get to see it in person :(
6. Blackbird snippet :reject:
7. The First Time
8. My first time hearing Bad live :drool:
9. 40 closing
10. Front row, Vegas 1
1. the anticipation inside me 1 hour before the show starts
2. The Electric Co
3. The Fly
4. Edge's shirts
5. Bonodrums
6. Great version of One
7. The acoustic encores
8. the lighting (oh *flash* you *flash* look *flash* so...)
9. the inspiration it gave me to learn guitar
10. I Will Follow
1. Zoo Encore
2. Electric Co.
3. An Cat Dubh/Into the Heart
4. The Stadium Stage Design
5. Discotheque!
6. Miss Sarajevo
7. The political trio
8. One Tree Hill and Kite on fifth leg
9. Wake Up/COBL Intro
10. Bono's voice and Edge's guitar playing
in no particular order

1. discoteque's comeback
2. one tree hill
3. kite re-worked
4. miss sarajevo
5. electric co.
6. love and peace (who woulda thought it would be sucha good live song)
7. whos gonna ride ur wild horses ( whata suprise)
8. Zoo station (whata suprise)
9. bono's pop chop
10. love is blindness closing a show :drool:
1. Kite
2. Wake Up/City of Blinding Lights
3. Zoo Station
4. Miss Sarejavo
5. Bono choking up singing "Sometimes" at first Sydney show
6. Coexist graffiti
7. Elevation
8. Streets/One dedication to Africa and Make Poverty History
9. Kylie tribute on her big comeback night
10. That astonishing set
am i the only one who hated discotheque on this tour?

1. Electric Co.
2. acoustic stuck
3. extended Vertigo ending
4. "40"
5. One Tree Hill
6. Zoo Station
7. Bono on drums
8.the lights for City of Blinding Lights
9. Zooroopa Baby slot machine
10. Gloria
Electric Co.
All Because of You
Miracle Drug
Miss Sarajevo
Fast Cars
Bono dancing across from me
Bono waving at me
Bono saying goodbye to me
1st row behind the stage
:up: Great thread. I'm surprised there hasn't been many more Vertigo Wash-up threads.

1. Seeing my favourite band live after waiting for good news in those threads in Tour Dates, the announcement, the cruelity of my parents keeping the fact they got tickets from until Christmas morning, the postponement, the uncertainty of the Aussie tour, the reannouncement, the waiting again, OH My GOSH!!!!

2. Kite
3. Kite
4. Kite
5. Kite
6. Kite
7. Bono singing Pavarotti's part in Miss Sarajevo with complete aplomb
8. Kite
9. Kite
10. Seeing U2 Live for the first time!

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