To HELL with Seatbelt Laws!!!!!

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food for thought...

my mom was in a horrible accident 30+ years ago. her life was saved because she DIDN'T wear a seatbelt. oh yeah, it happened in the first place cuz a police officer ran a red light without a siren or lights on who wasn't supposed to leave the station in the first place...but that's a can of worms i don't want to open.

just thought i'd share.

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KhanadaRhodes, I'm sure that on occasion that does happen, absolutely, but it's sort of the same thing as not letting your kids be vaccinated against various dangerous diseases because the vaccination itself on very rare occasions gives the child brain damage. In most cases, a seatbelt can save your life, even though in a very few instances, it might have the opposite effect.
yeah, it's a choice people have to be willing to make. wear a seatbelt and possible lose a limb or even worse, or don't wear it and get a ticket, or even worse than that die from being thrown 50 feet from the car.
get your child vaccinated and put them at risk for something else, or don't and make them unable to go to school and raise their chances of getting the flu, etc.

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