"There is no Room for Freedom in Islam"

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Jan 19, 2004
The Wild West
At least according to the pious literalists from Al Ghurabaa
Despite the insistent pleas of some apologetic sections of the Muslim community and their distorted claims that Islam ‘represents freedom’ and ‘tolerance’. The fact of the matter is that there is no room for freedom in Islam whatsoever, in fact Islam calls for the complete opposite, and end of all freedoms and the enslaving of all people to their lord.

We do not want the slavery to our desires, money, women, man-made laws, Tony Blair etc like that offered by a free and democratic society, rather the Muslims believe in Islam, which is the total submission to Almighty Allah exclusively by worshipping Him (swt), obeying and following his commands and declaring complete intolerance, hatred, disassociation from Shirk (associating partners with Allah) and all of its people (i.e. all Jews, Christians, Hindus, Sikhs, atheists etc).

The west calls for freedom of belief, to believe as you wish and worship as you wish and change your Deen as you wish. There is no space for this fallacy in Islam; in the Shari’ah it is well known that we have been ordered with “the one who changes his Deen, [to] kill him.” And although under an Islamic authority nobody will be forced to embrace Islam, we do not accept for people to walk with their idols and crosses in the streets publicly, nor to build any new places of worship (though they may keep their existing ones).

Another favourite of the west is the personal freedom to dress provocatively, to walk naked in the streets harming everybody in their way, freedom to look at pornography ‘as long as it is not children’, freedom to drink themselves into a frenzy until they are drunk and begin to steal, rape, kill and beat their wives and children. To the point that “the Home Office has suggested that nearly a half of all violent crimes are alcohol related and a staggering 19,000 sexual assaults are also alcohol related.”

This is the fruits of freedom! How people live with this corruption in the name of freedom I will never understand! Allah (swt) ordered us to stay far away from alcohol and all other intoxicants cutting off all of these ills from the root. Islam ensures that nobody feels the urge to exercise any ‘freedom’ to walk naked or dress provocatively or even to freemix let alone to destroy marriages and lives with fornication and adultery.

And besides these and other freedoms to steal, cheat, extort etc in the name of ‘interest’ and ‘profit’ we have the famous freedom of speech and expression, boasted and ‘courageously’ defended recently throughout Europe. So what is this ‘great’ concept of freedom of expression?

Strange… upon examination we find that it is nothing more than an excuse to lie, cheat, slander, backbite, swear, insult, mock and even defame all people in the name of this grand privilege to speak your mind. No, there is no room in Islam for this kind of evil concept, there is no freedom to lie, no freedom to slander, no freedom to swear, no freedom to insult any prophet and the prophet (saw) said, “whoever insults a prophet, kill him.”

So we find that the freedom that people worship is nothing more than an excuse to follow desires and corrupt societies, do you not think that Britain would be much better if the people were honest, trustworthy, decent people who did not swear, nor lie, nor slander each other, if they were not drunken rapists, criminals and adulterers like today but instead were sober and faithful HETERESEXUAL husbands and wives? Verily Britain will be so much better when governed under the Islamic rules in the coming days inshaa Allah.

Enlightening information about these groups and their primitive worldview, says a lot about why they might be the ones marching down the street with posters saying "Behead Those Who Insult the Prophet".
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I am not connected to Mossad if thats what you mean, I just think it can be good to listen to what bastards are saying, and this particular group is one of the most prominent Islamic fundamentalist groups in the UK at the moment. They are professing long term goals of bringing the world into submission to God and no doubt his appointed clerical class; the root cause is in their theology.
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