The Sultan cordially invites everyone to his Palace of decadent Pleasures

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Mar 16, 2005
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*from the alley, RadRacer enters the dusty old candy-store in this backwater place. He takes off his art-jacket, the one he wears to the Circus, and - POOF! - he transforms into The SULTAN*

*a small man with a fat face, and the rest of his body is also hanging with the energizing substance. He has a hairy, black mustache, and he wears nothing but the grease of his body, and a small black slip. He always carries a black whip in one hand. Of course, on his head he always wears the Sultan's turban, and on his feet the strange slippers that curl upward*

*There is some clapping from the audience of decadentees. The Sultan tries to bow, but doesn't make it far. When he's back up, he speaks in his always slow, sedate, commanding but also sensitive-hearted voice*


*clapping and chanting*

*Sultan raises his hand and nods his head to acknowledge*

"I am the Sultan."

*This time he talks over the chanting*

"And I love poetry. I want everyone to come to this place and share this most beautiful of beautiful gifts with me, and enjoy themselves on the entertainment of my Palace! I will start by introducing myself with a poem I wrote... No! RadRacer wrote for me:"

*He takes a deep breath and, as he speaks, his face melts with emotion as he enters the world of words on the paper he holds in his hands*

"I am the Sultan
and I want to introduce myself
with my own poem.

"I'm in Love with Poetry
It gives me
a special feeling
When I'm boing the made
Na-na-napht-... Naaphthha is good
tickets- ticketmaster...
tickets from Trapan
be beat!"

*He pauses. He gets the usual chant*

"Thank You."
Interesting, I would comment more specificly but I don't feel like I can right now
*SULTAN comes back from visiting his neighbor. He still carries a broad, satisfied smile on his face, from having enjoyed the company of budding poets, across the street. Slowly closing the door, he catches something from the corner of his eye and turns in shock, slamming the door shut accidentally. He sees ZERODUDE. Makes a piece of candy appear from somewhere off his near-naked body and chews it, pointing with the wrapper to the man, he says with a smile:

"YOU are very privileged! My first guest. WELCOME! I will have the servants perform a play for us."

*He goes to lay down on a huge Arabian pillow, as the peasants hurry to scratch together a play to entertain. A servant comes forward and speaks:

"O Sultan! Outside, you have a blooming orchard of cherry blossoms, their petals gliding on the wind and laying themselves to rest in every nook and cranny of the courtyard, under the glory of the shining sun and the azure sky!"

*SULTAN takes a LOUD bite off a club of broiled meat; the juices drip onto the pillow and onto his large body. The peasant speaks demandingly:

"GIVE me THE Power!"

*Instantly, the SULTAN's mouth opens and the juicy pieces are propelled by deep-throated laughter. He can't stop laughing, so he only points at the peasant with the bone, so as to highlight the best jester he ever saw. The peasant gets angry:

"GIVE me the Power!"

*the SULTAN adds between laughs:

"The M-A-G-I-C Power!"

*The other peasants laugh. A bone hits the face of the "jester". The SULTAN rolls off backward from the pillow, laughing, holding his belly*
*It's foggy and windy outside. The door stands always open, because it can never be closed, because the SULTAN doesn't have the key - he's only renting. RADRACER slips in, holding his collar raised, his dark hair wet. The candy store's main hall is dimly lit and empty. There's candle of romance, everywhere*

"Hello! Any admins, here?"

*A small peasant comes from the shadow:

"Not here! Admins don't venture into the poetlands, for, fortunately, unlike the world of men, they are devoid of corruption and, unfortunately, devoid of love."

*The peasant disappears. RADRACER sighs. He looks to the empty ceiling*

"Ooooh, there's only one admin that I would like to be here.

"The days are short,
And filled with sleep.
The nights are long,
and filled with work.
Enclose me
under your gentle wing.

"The threads are fields
that never die.
Deliver me from
a million words
to waste your time.
I only want
to drop a line."

*Sits down and waits*

"I hope the Sultan comes back, soon. He's one person I know who's fun to drink with, until you pass out. Then, sometime tomorrow, hopefully get up and on to something else."
RadRacer said:

"Hello! Any admins, here?"

*A small peasant comes from the shadow:

"Not here! Admins don't venture into the poetlands, for, fortunately, unlike the world of men, they are devoid of corruption and, unfortunately, devoid of love."

I'm not sure what was meant by this, but I get the feeling it wasn't anything nice. :|

This really isn't appropriate for DOL or, really, for anywhere on the forums.

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