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The Total Eclipse of April 8, 2024
Who lives in, nearby the path of Totality? Or planning to travel to see it?

Not sure if I'll try to go to from NYC to Rochester, a place where my sis has acquaintences.
Seen a few partials but as we know this is a whole other level!
a very stubborn cloud covered the sun/moon during all of totality where i was, but i can confirm it is a very bizarre and otherworldly experience.

it's a shame that there won't be another easily accessible total solar eclipse for so long, because everyone should get to experience that if they have an opportunity.

i kept thinking on the drive home about how apocalyptically terrifying that must have been to ancient people before we figured out what an eclipse really is.
Drove from southern NH up through Maine and it was glorious. Heard a lot of people went to Vermont and that turned out to be true. Hardly any interstate traffic for us while friends of ours who went to Burlington were still trying to get out of VT by the evening.

Pics online just don’t do it justice. Glad I got a chance to see it.
Had a couple co-workers travel to Texas to be in the path. Not sure I’d ever go to that much effort, but I would like to experience totality once in my life. I do live in the path of totality for the next major US total eclipse in 2045. Hoping I’m still around by then.
That's incredible! How'd you get that pic?
Thank you so much Cobl! I took these images with my DSLR attached to a small 60 mm F5 refractor telescope. I have to check my files as I don’t remember exact exposure times but they were taken at ISO160 and around 1/200 second or so! The shooting of the total part of the eclipse was rather chaotic because you are trying to get good and well exposed shots in a short time while also trying to enjoy and take in the moment. I’ll add a couple more photos I took :) thanks again for the great comments!
Amazing. Love these. Are these images in visible light? I love the solar prominences, so cool.
Thank you so much!! Yes these are visible light. It is one of my favourite parts of a solar eclipse! Otherwise on a regular day I would need an h-alpha filter or scope and they cost an arm and a leg! The prominences are visible just when the suns edge and lunar edge are perfectly aligned so that you can see the prominence peaking out from behind the moon. They also look that red color to the eye as well! I am seriously considering buying an h-alpha telescope if I can find a good used one! If I do I’ll be sure to post some shots!
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