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Here's my guess coming from years of Bible immersion but very little knowledge of current Judaistic practice. A synagogue is a local place for worship. The temple is THE TEMPLE located in Jerusalem. Only one of those. Actually, since it was last torn down in 70-something AD, I don't think there has been one.

I may be off-base, but that's my guess. Hopefully someone who really knows will come and tell us. :huh:
I know that synagogues are strictly Jewish places of worship.

But many protestant denominations name their churches temple... First Baptist Temple or Calvary Temple or whatever.
martha said:
Well, sometimes I hear people talking about how they "went to Temple" on Saturday. Or they'll be "going to Temple" for the High Holy Days. Or am I hearing them wrong?

No, you're right Martha, people often say they're going to temple when talking about going to the synagogue. I don't know where that originated from, maybe temple just sounds less exotic or complicated than saying synagogue, I dunno...
A Jewish friend of mine in high school once explained to me that a Jewish temple is now commonly referred to as a synagogue, whereas a Christian temple is referred to as a church. but when referencing their weekly sabbath service, they would say "going to temple" like Christians would say "going to church."

Synagogue is the name of a place of worship for the Judaism believers, while temple refers to worship place in general. The Hindu faith and Buddha believers, and so are the older and ancient religions all have a place to worship that is being called by the generic name of "temple". The first synagogue is believed to be in the Promised land in Jerusalem, I don't know if it is still being called "Temple", but literatures been categorized all places of worship others than of the christian faith as temple, except for Islam, who has been using the term Mosque since the beginning and applies worldwide.

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