Some Gentle Reminders (All FYM Regulars and Visitors Please Read)

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Nov 5, 2001
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1.) I've noticed some people starting to post large volumes of text from other sources again. Apparently once the sticky disappeared, everyone thought it was okay to start doing it again. But, again, please don't. Too many people don't credit the source properly--i.e. they plagiarize--and that's a headache Elvis and Team Interference don't need in case any author, photographer, or publisher decides to get snippy about it. And, let's face it, it takes too damn long to get through the thread. If you want to refer readers to an article or item that is somewhere else, please post the link accompanied ONLY by a brief snippet, if anything at all. Please credit authors, publications, photographers and websites properly.

2.) FYM is by its very nature a contentious place, but we're all grownups here. Even those of you who are not technically grownups are expected to act as such. Please, PLEASE stop:
a.) Naming names of other post-ers in accusatory or defamatory ways.
b.) Making broad, unfair generalizations. Terms like "many" and "some" and "may" and "might" work just as well as "all" and "always."
c.) Creating posts or threads solely to get a rise out of specific people.
d.) Posting "joke" threads. I agree that many of them were in fact funny, but that's the reason we have Lemonade Stand, It's Official, Mr. Pussy's, and the mod forum (j/k).

3.) Speaking only for myself but quite possibly the other mods as well, I'm getting mighty sick of the same fights going on in here. Try to be a little creative. Try to be a little understanding. This goes for BOTH SIDES.

With your help, we can help FYM continue to be a unique fount of information and sophisticated debate.

Not open for further replies.
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