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Queen Betty

Jul 18, 2002
Boston, where the Elevation 2001 DVD was filmed
I've decided to start on my first fic ever! Yay! Umm... yeah. :| Ahem, so this fic is going to be set in the 23rd Century, or what's supposed to be the 23rd Century AD, but anyway. The setting is based on two things, Gundam and the news. Yup, I have MSNBC to thank. :yes: I don't have a title for it; I'm pretty bad with them and hope that I come across a nifty title I can use. This is more like an introduction to give the story's background than anything, and everything here is subject to change and whatnot. It's not slash, because war and slash don't seem to mix, or at least are difficult to mix. Oh, and one last thing; the asteroid is real. I didn't make it up. :D They say that it won't be colliding after all.

The Future Fic:

In the decades since the devastating asteroid 2002 NT7 that was predicted as early as the year 2002 AD to strike Earth collided 2019 AD, civilization has since rebuilt itself from its ruins, more efficient and resilient than ever. An amount of time unknown to humans passed between the destruction of society and the commencement of its restoration and the AA (After Apocalypse) era, and is officially known as "Chaos". Numerous scientific achievements have been made in the current human world's 195 years of existence by the twelve nations that exist on the habitable Western Hemisphere of Earth. The first and most powerful out of the nine peaceful and three rogue states, NWR (New Western Republic), led by Prime Minister McGuinness, is defended by the most powerful armed forces ever known, making the state virtually invincible.

Divided into four branches, the NWRDC (Defence Corps) is led by the dashing "Bono Vox" (General of the Army), the mysterious "Edge" (General of Electronic Defence [read: hacking dept.]), the lucid Adam Clayton (Fleet Admiral), and the toughened veteran Lawrence Mullen, Jr. (General of the Air Force). The NWRDC's leaders are known for their unfaltering cooperation and accord with each other, both of which are the main causes of the effectiveness of their strategies.

In spite of the appalling odds, two of the three rogue nations repeatedly make failing attempts to breach the Republic's guard, the guerillas involved being detained, tried, and executed each time. As suspected by the NWRDC, the Trine, as the nations are known, are in league with one another, the third and weakest intending to complete the coup of the NWR after it's initiation by the other two. To date, the Trine has not made a single attack on the NWR in two years, leaving time for the country to enter a complacent mindset, which could come to a sudden end at any time.

If you're going to give me criticism, then make it constructive, please. Or I'll beat you. :p And... I have to give credit where credit's due: to my dear Buddies and beta readers, FallingStar and CMM. CMM and I are supposed to pop up in the stary later as high-ranking officers in one of the branches. :D

And before I forget! If any of you are offended by the fact that Bono's the General of the Army, bear in mind that he won't see much blood and he only gives commands, and besides I'm going to keep him and the others as in character as possible, except for Mr. McGuiness, 'cause I dunno what he's like at all. :crack:
anything goes!! i personally can't wait til you write this- i love sci-fi fics.. i have a few of my own, unpublished. where are you putting this? ffnet? because right now..all it is is slash not that there is anything bad with's just getting a bit boring over there...there needs to be something different, way different! Go for it!
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