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Jan 25, 2003
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My son has to write an essay and has chosen to write on this particular society. Anyone have a good refrence site(s) for this? It takes forever to search on my home computer, but I can print out articles at work and let him go from there. He's working 2 jobs and w/school he needs some help. (actually I'm curious as well.) All I know is Bush (Sr) and John Kerrry are members and I think it was founded at Yale University. What are the goals and is it really a secrete/shadow government? I told him I would ask some really intelligent people, so here I am ..asking.. )If this has been covered before, a link to the page will be appreciated also.)
and of course Thanks..
I don't know anything about it, but if it isn't one "secret society," it's another, and we can add them to a long list of "shadowy" organizations over hundreds of years.

I guess that this group is the new freemasons. :p

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