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Love that outro :love: My Popmart show was 27 years ago yesterday and they seemed old to me as a teenager, but damn in this video Bono looks so young to me now. In some alternative timeline, this was the hit single they were yearning for on Pop.
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Listened to the Last Night on Earth single. That single mix, like all of the Pop single mixes, is worse than the album version. So much more polished, and aside from that wicked guitar tone Edge plays, totally lacks the grit of the album. The bridge is pretty crap in the album, but it's much worse on the single mix. So I guess this inability to assess their own music correctly, extends as far back as 1997. The Pop Muzik mix rules. I can take or leave Happiness is a Warm Gun, the Danny Saber remix is a bit better. And the Soul Assassin's mix of Numb is fun, I like Bono (or Edge?) just flatly saying "I feel numb" every now and then. First Night in Hell mix of LNOE is cool, but just a generic industrial techno song, they should have just called it First Night in Hell cos it has nothing to do with LNOE.

What I'd fucking give / have given for U2 experimenting more in this direction though, jesus. I can imagine Larry just hating all of this. I wonder if part of why ATYCLB came about was because Larry had a massive sook for half a decade in the 90s.
Nothing wrong with the bridge to Last Night on Earth either.

I don't think the band hates the album. Bono is warming up to it in particular. He has stated many times that PopMart Live in Mexico is their best live video, so he obviously has some affinity toward that era at least.

I do hope we will finally get one full-band Pop song on the next tour. Bono did say he would love to play Mofo again. So make it happen!
The only problem I have with the Please Single Mix is that it doesn't quite capture the energy of the live version. Same with the LNOE single mix. The last minute of the live version is so good. They do capture it on the single mix, but not the same energy. The guitar could have used a bit more crunch and more in front in the mix.
It's so different to the album version, wow. I hadn't listened to it in a long time. The solo is awesome. I'd forgotten about that. Other plusses include a perhaps more raw Bono vocal, it has a bit more of that sexiness to it that's found on other tracks of the era. The atmosphere at the start of the bridge is great too, I like the drumming.

Overall though I'll still take the album version. The chorus guitar is buried in the mix, which sucks, but the really issue are the strings. They don't suit the sound of the rest of the song at all.
They are the same. I bought all of the Pop singles on CD as they were released in ‘97 and they all have the same mixes and track lists as these “new” releases.

Speaking of “Your Blue Room”, on the chorus lyrics says that Bono sings “Saw Me Coming” on both refrains, where to me it sounds like something different on the first like “Saw me come alive?” and then on the second “Saw me coming”.

What do you guys hear/think?
I think he sings "Saw me coming, love."
I do hope that this slow drip of B-side releases on streaming fills in the gaps the band has in its streaming discography. I'm most looking forward to getting the live version B-sides that are missing ("Bullet" on ZooTV, "Last Night on Earth" Mexico City, etc.). And eventually they have to start releasing more live albums of old tours, right?
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