Selling one Mexico City 1 seat

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Mar 7, 2001
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I have one extra ticket to Mexico City 1 (Oct. 3). It is a good value seated ticket in Naranja A Sec 3 Row 23 Seat 12 for 3025 Mexican pesos (face + TM fee), which is approx. US$166, same price as a GA there. The stadium is one level and short so this is a quite decent seat. As I am not Mexican, I won't have the ticket in hand though until I pick it up from Will Call when I get to Mexico on Sept. 29. PM me if you are interested in the ticket. Mexico City 2 is going on presale tomorrow, btw.
Bump... There are still face GAs and seats available on TM Mexico for Mexico City 2, but Mexico City 1 is currently sold out, so those who have been thinking about it can have tix to both shows if they buy mine. :)
This looks to be still on, I am still going and this is still available! I pull in this Friday, can meet me at the TM outlet when I pick up my ticket or later at a central location.
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