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Rate Running to Stand Still

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May 3, 2005
Dublin, Ireland
So new round, you've got a day to vote and this round we'll be rating Running to Stand Still and the Sweetest Thing (Original Version) so let's get this started
Ten. Ten. Ten. Ten. Ten.

It's their best song since Bad and their best song until One. The Vertigo version is unbelievable. :drool:
7... I'm not really feeling it much recently, but I like the song a lot, and it was incredible on ZooTV paired with Streets.
10, my favourite song of theirs lyrically. Musically it's not far behind. Studio version, live versions, you name it. A masterpiece.
7. Some live versions are an 8 or 9, but on balance, I think a 7.

Maybe I should've given it an 8.

Nah, so many people will vote (and, in my view, mildly over-rate) this with 10s that it won't matter.
Yes, I'm one of those who will vote 10. Don't think it's over rated though. One of Bono's best lyrics, beautiful melody, great great song.
im on to my 4th i-pod now...... and on the 3 previous ones 'running to stand still' was the most played song!
nuff said!! :applaud:
Nine. Really great song in every form - with the grouping of songs on TJT that I really like, along with Streets, WOWY, and OTH.
10. It's the only song on JT that I genuinely love and adore to bits; when I first listened to the album I stopped and played it over and over for about 15 times. It's my favourite vocal performance from Bono on the album, as well.

I'd be inclined to say that this is Bono's best moment on record. That lyric + that vocal = supreme gorgeousness. Probably one of my all-time favorite songs by anybody ever.
No other score to give it. 10

I still remember the day I bought the record the day it was released and getting to the end of side 1 and just going :ohmy: :faint:
dang, i missed it. feel free to add another 10 please john. :D

incredible song.
amazing lyrics, inspired me to write a short story.
guitar to begin and the harmonica at the end are perfect.
larry builds it magnificently in the final verse.
and then you've got the live versions.

there are no words.
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