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5. It's better than the other previously unreleased songs on the bonus dvd, but that's about all.
it's allen ginsberg, right?

i'm too lazy to look this shit up for myself.

Think so.

I gave this a zero. I considered giving it one, since the music isn't that bad, but ... well, the only time I listened to this in full was by sheer accident. I think that says it all. Even the other songs I've given zero, I've played in full more than once willingly.
Oh, I mean, I listen to it all the time. But..when you listen to something just for laughs...
See, I can't even listen to it for laughs. Inside Out, Tonight, TWILIGHT TWILIGHT TWILIGHT TWILIGHT, they're all funny despite being shit.

This? It's just shit.
it's definitely alan ginsberg reading his own poem.

i've always been a fan of his poems but never been a fan of his own readings. i dislike it when an author reads his own work, because they never really bring any interpretation to the table.

his reading of Howl sounds the same, nasal, flat, bland, unemotional.
if bono had read the poem it would have been a lot more intense and interesting. say what you will about beautiful ghost, at least bono PERFORMS the words rather than just reading them

ginsberg's just trying to get to the end of the poem, nothing more.
I'd give the song a zero i guess, definitely understand why its sat in the vault for so long. That said, still glad i have it.
Wow, I never even thought to wonder if it wasn't Bono, so I just went ahead and assumed it was :doh:

Now the first verse of Rise Up, I have a hard time believing THAT is Bono.
I just assumed it was Bono, since it was 86/87 and he was deep in his whole southern gothic Yank/Flannery O'Connor/Burroughs phase. Oh well!
Interesting throwaway idea, but nothing more.

Ginsberg reading the full poem over Tom Waits' "Closing Time" is something else though, really fits the whole vibe of the work over the half-assed drum machine stuff. Holy shit.

Again, holy shit
I'm baffled that some of you guys thought that it's Bono doing the reading/didn't know that it was Ginsberg. Do they not teach Ginsberg in schools round your way? Dude is a baller and this is one of his most well known poems.
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