Random TV Talk IV: We're So Broken Inside

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I have finished Deadwood.

The Catbird Seat was incredible; the finale was immensely underwhelming. Unfortunately thanks to history we know George Hearst lived until he was 70, so I knew he would not meet a deserving ugly fate, but damn is it disappointing thinking about what the show could have done with more support from the network. I gather the impression that the theatre troupe are largely reviled by fans, but I think they're really victims of David Milch having to end the show under duress. One more season and things could have really had room to breathe. I'd have loved more room for the Jane-Joanie storyline, and to see more from many characters like Wu, Mose, Doc, Martha, Sol, the General, Tom Nuttall, Merrick, Blazanov... something more with the Earps, too. The show is also really funny.

Nonetheless, I have thoroughly enjoyed the show and I'm pretty sad it's over. Ian McShane's Al Swearengen might be my favourite TV character of all-time. That we end up viewing him as the hero after the things he does early in season 1 is a testament to his phenomenal acting. I grew very fond of Richardson, I think I ended up hating Hearst more than I hated Wolcott which is fucking saying something. Bullock kind of annoyed me a lot of the time. (One of my biggest TV/movie hates is when characters are so often mute.) I enjoyed watching Powers Boothe grapple with Tolliver's gradual decline into powerlessness. Charlie Utter was always outstanding.

Onto the movie.
I’ll hang my head in shame on that. Went back and watched it again a couple of years later and it finally, definitely clicked with me. Night and cocksucking day.
Finally watched Deadwood: The Movie. The last 10 minutes reduced me to tears. You could argue it was fan service, what with Hearst ending beaten in a prison cell, Samuel Fields telling Bullock about Charlie's final moments, Jane and Joanie, the wedding, Al's final moments and so on, but god it was a beautiful and truly fitting ending to an incredible story. Wish it could have taken place over the course of a TV season though.

What should I watch next?
The Wire. About to go through it again myself.

You’d get 100 different responses to this from 100 different people, but ignore them and watch The Wire.
Reservation Dogs just cemented itself as one of my all time favourite shows. Beautiful finale and I can’t wait to rewatch from the start.

Other stuff I’ve watched and liked in recent times:
The Bear: worth all the hype and like Res Dogs a show that loves to stop the plot and just let us be with its characters on their world. If nothing else, streaming has given us all these extra FX shows that might not have fit on the network proper.

Killing It: I love Claudia O’Doherty in everything and this is no exception. Savage social commentary and hilarious supporting cast.

Platonic: Aussie Rose Byrne is the best Rose Byrne. She and Seth Rogen have fantastic chemistry and that’s all you need to know if it’s worth giving it a go.

How To with John Wilson: the definition of a work of singular vision. NYC has never been more of a character than here, it’s as if you spend each half hour trapped in the back of a cab driven by the most curious, socially inept and prone to detour driver.

Irma Vep: from last year, but I want to give it a shout out as the perfect show for the old Interference Random Movie Talk crew of Laz, Lance and LMP.

Party Down: best revival ever? With almost the entire original cast back as if they’d never been away, probably.

Fleishman is in Trouble: AKA the show that stopped Lizzy Caplan from rounding out the Party Down cast. Luckily it was really good, with one of the best reveals of recent years.
So sad about Matthew Perry. As awful as Friends is to watch now, I was obsessed as a kid, and he was definitely my favourite character. Really sad.
Season 1 and 2 of Fargo are some of my all-time favorite seasons of television. It dropped off a bit with 3 and even more with 4. Hoping this new season will get back to that early magic.
Everyone who liked Nathan For You and/or The Rehearsal (or just likes Emma Stone) needs to go watch The Curse immediately.
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