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Just to follow up on the other great answers to your question... I know both James and Jimmy were also asked about it in interviews. The most they ever said though was agreeing that everyone was just at "different points" or that "it was always going to be Jack" on bass.

I think D'arcy also claimed that there was an offer to have her own tour bus and join the band for a certain amount of songs each night. But then when she asked if she could play bass for the entire show, Billy outright told her no. And then things fell apart shortly after that.

Smashing Pumpkins’ Jimmy Chamberlin interviewed: ‘For the first time, the band is in alignment in every way’ - NME

D’Arcy’s absence has been pretty thoroughly explained. Was there ever a conversation to have Melissa Auf Der Maur involved or was it always going to be Jack Bates on bass?

“No, it was always going to be Jack. He’s a great musician and that was the deciding factor. Jack played with Billy and Jeff on the Manson tour. He’s entrenched in the band and knows the songs. The way that Jack plays is very reminiscent of the way that Billy played bass on a lot of the early Pumpkins stuff because he and James were really big Joy Division and New Order fans. A lot of those bass parts were mimicking Peter’s playing.

Smashing Pumpkins' Billy Corgan and James Iha and Jeff Schroeder Talk Summer Tour, New Music and Three-Guitar Attack - Guitar World

With a fair amount of fence mending behind them, the two old colleagues did wind up playing together again. Iha turned up on stage at several Pumpkins shows in 2016, and rumors began to circulate that a full-on reunion of the “classic Nineties” lineup was in the cards. Corgan and Iha were game, as was Chamberlin. The only problem was founding bassist D’arcy Wretzky. Her split from the band in 1999 was an acrimonious one, and in the ensuing years her relationship with Corgan remained icy. The two seemed to call something of a truce last year, but then in typical Pumpkins form, varying stories about what happened next emerged. Wretzy claimed in the press that, after exchanging texts with Corgan about a possible reunion, an offer was made to her and then rescinded. Corgan went on record disputing that account.

“I was pretty public about wanting her to be involved,” he stresses. “I think it would been the best for everybody, including her, but it just didn’t work out.” The topic of Wretzky is clearly one he doesn’t wish to belabor, and after a long sigh he concludes, “I’m not in any hurry to throw any more gasoline on the fire. It is what it is. She’s done, and that’s that.” Iha stayed out of the back-and-forth between Corgan and Wretzky, but he offers the view that “Billy tried his best. In the big picture, I think everybody is at different points in their lives, and whoever can work it out and get it together with the band can do it. It’s just one of those things.”

Edit: The messages Billy and D'arcy apparently exchanged...

D’arcy Wretzky shares text messages as proof that Billy Corgan is lying about Smashing Pumpkins reunion offer
I used to love the Pumpkins. I still think their initial run of the first 5 albums are top notch. Then Billy got weird and annoying, and I just can't really listen to his voice without cringing. It's too bad too because wow has he come up with some really sweet metal riffs in his later years.
Same here Gump. They were the soundtrack to my teens and 20’s. (More so than U2), and given how adamant they are about never touring again, I felt some emotion watching it knowing this is very likely the last time they will play together.
A band that I've never been able to get around. I really do like a handful of their songs (Country Feedback is definitely my favourite, I also really like Nightswimming, Imitation of Life, Losing My Religion, Man on the Moon, Great Beyond, Frequency, Orange Crush, Shiny Happy People, End of the World) but I've listened to a bunch of records and just never really enjoyed one that much. I'm very glad that it's been nice for the two of you though :)
I read an article on one of my guitar websites that I frequent that happened to mention how good Coldplay's first 4 albums were and that it's ok to celebrate those and pretend that they never released anything after that. LOL
Nile Rodgers and Brian Eno are supposedly helping out for a few songs on this one, so I'm hoping this one could yield at least a few decent tunes.
Wow, interesting - keen to hear the new song and make up my own mind.

They're a really fascinating band to me, Coldplay. I absolutely adore Parachutes, Rush of Blood and Viva La Vida, and X&Y, despite the crap we all gave it, is still a hell of a lot better than two of their last three records. But then you have Everyday Life in there, which I thought was pretty great... but you can tell where it sits in their mind, because they barely promoted it, didn't tour it, but then the two dogshit albums either side of it were promoted to high heaven. I suspect this new one will be in a similar vein as those two, judging by the cover and the title, but we'll see.
Kind of wish this forum was on its heyday just to talk about this Kendrick concert. My goodness, how many times did he bury Drake these last few weeks?
I miss it a lot. What's happening with this concert? I'm surprisingly unaware.

I listened to Arooj Aftab's Night Reign yesterday. Very nice album.
I miss it a lot. What's happening with this concert? I'm surprisingly unaware.

I listened to Arooj Aftab's Night Reign yesterday. Very nice album.

It was a live broadcast on Amazon for the Juneteenth holiday. He basically got every rapper in LA on the stage along with a few celebrities and basketball players and, after a pretty full set, played Not Like Us five times in a row. It was amazing.
I was in Long Island last week and this song was played on a local radio station down there. I haven't really listened to Iron & Wine in a long time, probably because he hasn't really reached the heights of The Shepherd's Dog and I sort of went away from subsequent albums as a result, but this song is absolutely beautiful.

I'm enjoying the new Decemberists album much more than expected.

Seeing Washed Out & Cannons tomorrow.
It's not actively bad, which is better than I can say for some of their recent work, but it's completely pedestrian. No real desire to ever hear it again. Just like modern day U2, they're trying to tap into this sappy gentle EDM style that is hugely popular. There's a good simple little song in there, perhaps, if they'd use a bass, guitar and drums.
Today I learned Journey formed out of Carlos Santana's band. I would never in a million years have guessed that.
Washed Out were great live, disappointing that they only played a 45 minute set since they were acting as an opener. It was pretty awesome seeing a crowd of people who weren't there to see Washed Out all recognize and cheer when 'Feel It All Around' started. They're coming back in November as a headliner, I'll definitely be going to that. I'm looking forward to the new album tomorrow.
Ahh cool didn’t know they had an album coming out. Loma tomorrow too. I didn’t really get into Washed Out until 2019 ish when a co-worker kept mentioning them, but I loved their last album and excited to hear the new one.
Did anyone else see the video of Michael J Fox on stage with Coldplay at Glastonbury? What a tear jerker, Michael is one of the best humans who has ever lived.

And Coldplay is wonderful for inviting him on stage.
That's so awesome.

Can't wait to see how Laz makes it negative. I'm going for either "pathetic of Coldplay to use Michael J Fox to try to enhance their image" or "what a shame that Michael J Fox would choose Coldplay to go on stage with"
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