Random Music Talk CXXX: The AFL Finally Gets Revenge on Meat Loaf

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If we could have a visit from an Interference ghost of holidays past, I would choose Jive Turkey.
Ride Wit Me is an absolute all-timer. Hell of a track. That era of Nelly, Country Grammar and Nellyville, is unmatched.

Now we're getting somewhere.

Great song.

It's going to take a better effort from all of you than that. I don't see what's so bad about the thread title anyway. It's edgy and was relevant. I'm gonna see the Bat Out of Hell musical next year, really excited.
Black Eyed Peas named their last album Elevation.

An obvious nod to U2
I should have mentioned, these walk-up songs are from Women's Day 2022. Under 75 posts to go.
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