Racism: glorified hyperbole in America

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The questioning of police force can be entirely subjective to the individual mentality, values and actions of the policeman that is using police force against someone or a particular race/group of people.

In countries where the police is underfunded (Italy for example), there is a less prevalence of hate crimes, police force against the people and power abuse from law enforcement. Consequently, most serious crimes are seldom resolved or fully investigated. This is not to say that well funded police departments (United States) are better at what they do or viceversa but there exists an agreeable correlation.

Police force can also be attributed toward the overall notion, respect and perspective that people have toward the police. I am sure an Italian wouldn't feel the same respect toward a policeman the same way an American would do.
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blm protested outside graceland as it is "elvis week" (side note: :rolleyes:) the protest was peaceful and happened outside graceland, therefore on public property. yet some protesters were arrested when they were barred from approaching graceland, even though there was a candlelight vigil going on, so it's not like they were the only people there or something. there's always so many fucking people outside there during that week (especially on the 16th), traffic around there is insane.

there's a claim that the police or gracelandsecurity (it's unclear who was controlling access to the gate) there were allowing white visitors up to the gate but not black people. ftr the blm protestors were holding up signs demanding to raise adult literacy rates, equality, and of course black lives matter. dangerous shit for sure.

memphis pisses me the fuck off.
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The worst part of this is the fact that the waitress was a US citizen.

Why do people assume all US citizens are white? Or have to be white?

I get that a lot online. It's insulting, but there's a segment of our population who assume anyone who is brown isn't American. Some jackhole online told me I should go back where I came from. I told them I never, ever want to go back to Fresno. :lol:

Those are the kind of people voting for the orange fascist.
It's even more insulting in a place like California where over 50% of the population are minorities now.

Since when is the fascist orange? :shifty:
I don't get what or why Chicago has to do with this? Are we saying that Blacks kill other Blacks therefore anytime a cop kills a black person it negates the claims of racism and years of oppression?

The inner cities act this way because it's all they know. It's a vicious cycle. No good schools because no one wants to work there, so education becomes an after thought.

Without any sort of education or hope, people fall victim to drugs and doing what it takes to survive.

I don't have the answer on how to clean it up. Obviously more resources have to go into these areas, but I personally don't know what to fund first.

While BLM seems to have its own issues and image problem, I do believe these inner cities are exactly what these Meme is trying to get across. In these parts of larger cities, their lives don't matter.

We read about these stories and instead of feeling empathy or sadness for it all, we turn it political. Give people hope, education, and decent job and the violence will decrease.

I do think if whites were living in those areas, they'd be dead or killing too.

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It's a conservative sleight of hand.

They've been programmed; anytime someone mentions racism, they have to automatically say Chicago.

It's feigned concern to distract from racism. Since it's all just hyperbole.

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I think it's related. It's the high level of black violence that in turn helps make the police afraid and trigger happy and leads to shootings like this which further destabilize the community and continue the vicious cycle anew.

I think the fear running through the cops that any black guy on the street could have a gun leads to most of these situations although a sizable handful are still done by bumbling idiots and/or racists and/or trigger happy nut jobs.

Stricter gun control laws that make it a felony to even own handguns and automatic rifles would really solve most of this problem. Few would be stupid enough to possess one if it automatically meant a 20 year minimum jail sentence. Less guns in the black community equals less cops fearing for their lives equals less police shootings of civilians.
Chicago has a VIOLENCE problem, plain and simple. And it's related to the African American community of Chicago.

In other major urban areas, it's not the same. Chicago is an outlier. Yes, you might see discrepancies of race correlated violence in other major cities, but I think we've all discussed this before and sort of agreed in some part that socioeconomic factors are likely what cause that to be the case.

But Chicago in particular has it really bad. So to suggest they're related... they're in the same ballpark. But it's not really the same thing. Plus, you're deviating from what "the same thing" initially meant. Chicago doesn't prove that cops don't have a bias. I get what you're saying, BMP, but initially the point was that Trump was seizing an opportunity to stand with the black community even though he isn't actually doing so.
Agreed. I'm always uncomfortable with overt displays of patriotism, which can easily become chauvinism, and those are so common here in sports culture. It's quite authoritarian, in a way. You either conform or you don't. So I'm glad he basically dared to question the whole set up. Of course, it took all of 3 seconds for sports journalists (mostly a white middle class crowd) to enlighten the world with their hot takes.

There's a wonderful novel about the authoritarianism/violence of sports culture called Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk. I can't recommend it enough. It's coming out as a movie soon, directed by Ang Lee.
If Kap plays teams will have bounties on his head

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That's just a load of crap.

Agree or disagree with his stance, the entire point of America is that he should be afforded the freedom to make his stance.

Perhaps Kaepernick just wants to make America great again.
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